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Firestone Idle RPG – Magic Quarter & Guardian

Magic Quarter & Guardian

Your guardian shoots whenever you click. But it does more than that. It also provides your heroes with an aura. There are 2 guardians in the game right now, an Angel and a Dragon. The Angel is what you start out with, it deals damage to enemies one at a time, and it provides your heroes with an ‘all attributes’ aura. You have to make the Angel level 10, then you can evolve it. Evolving cost 200 dust for the first time. After you evolved the Angel once, you unlock the Dragon. The Dragon shoots ALL enemies on the field. The main target receive 100% damage, the other enemies receive 50% splash damage. The Dragon provide you with gold bonus aura. Both auras are active at the same time. So in a way you have to level up both the Angel and the Dragon, however the Dragon takes priority as gold bonus is better than all attributes. Guardians can be made 5 stars, and then leveled up to 10 again. First evolution costs 200 strange dust. Second costs 500. Third costs 600. Fourth and final evolution costs 800.


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