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Fishing: Barents Sea Tips and Tricks

7 February 2018, Wednesday, 16:33:05


Tips and Tricks

• Make sure you have an eye on your fish quota, if you filled them you won’t be able to catch any more of that type of fish.


• If you don’t know what to do, try taking a look at the Wiki that you can find in the upper left corner of the screen. It‘s depicted by a question mark.


• Can’t throw out your lines on the sea? Make sure that you have baited them at the harbour.


• Crew members can help you out on your ship, but you need to buy the second ship to hire them.


• Be aware of the amount of fuel you currently have available, and remember to refuel at port. You don’t want to get stuck at sea!


• Build up reputation at ports by delivering fish. Increased port reputation gives you better paid missions and increased paid for delivering catch.


• Keep fish habitats healthy, to keep them sustainable. Over fishing will eventually kill the habitats.


• Depending on the time of year, you might be able to get better (or worse) prices for your fish. Pay attention to the events chapter in the Logbook.


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