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Football Manager 2021 – Crash Issue Fix

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Crash Issue Fix

Football Manager 2021 PC players are reporting that the game is crashing randomly while playing. Here is how to fix the Football Manager 2021 crash issue.


One reason for the game to crash is the use of third-party monitoring tools like MSI Afterburner or RGB control software. Disable any third-party software you are using along with Steam overlay and GeForce Experience overlay. This will fix the in-game crash issue.


Another reason for Football Manager 2021 to crash in-game could be the GPU. Either the GPU is overclocked or is old. if the GPU is overclocked, then revert it back to its default GPU clock even if it’s factory overclocked.


If the GPU is old or you don’t want to mess with the GPU clock, limit the game’s FPS to reduce the GPU and CPU load. Open Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > select Football Manager 2021. Turn on Max FPS Limit and set the value to 30. The game will be locked at 30 FPS and won’t crash anymore.


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