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Football Manager 2021 – The game is stuck on the loading screen – Issue Fix

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The game is stuck on the loading screen – Issue Fix


If you launch the game and find it’s stuck on the loading screen, there are a few troubleshooting steps we suggest undertaking in order to get it to work.


First of all, remove any Workshop files like custom graphics and logos you may have added in preparation of launching the game. This can occasionally interfere or slowdown the game when launching.


Once you’ve done this, we would suggest deleting your cache and preferences, then verifying the game files again via Steam. Details on how to do this below:


Delete Cache and Preferences


Verify Game Files


Once you’ve completed all those steps above in the order listed, please then try relaunching the game (still without any added Workshop or custom files) and see if it now processes past the loading screen. If it does load without issue now and you were trying to add custom files, please close your game down and re-add any custom files to see if the issue is now fully resolved.


If you’re still struggling do as follows:


First of all, right-click on your desktop and select ‘New’ -> ‘Folder’


Create a folder and name it something to distinguish it (say SI backup)


Once you’ve done this go to your Sports Interactive folder found within ‘documents’ which by default is at the following location – C:\Users\[YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021


This should contain folders like ‘games’, ‘crash dumps’, etc. Please cut every folder from here and paste them into the folder you’ve created on your desktop.


Once you’ve done this and the Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021 folder is now empty, launch the game. If it works, copy back the files from the desktop folder and hopefully, it should now load without any issues.


If you have completed all of the above without being able to resolve your issue, please submit a support request for further assistance.


Please include as many details as possible and list any troubleshooting techniques you’ve tried already so they can help you in the most efficient way.


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