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Foxhole – Combat Medic Guide



There are many different roles to play in Foxhole such as Infantry, Logistics, and Artillery but this guide will teach you how to become an efficient Combat Medic in battle.



Medic Rules

There are a certain set of rules a Combat Medic has to go by to be the best they can be in battle, the rules are as followed;



1. Never heal the same person another medic is healing.

Reasoning: This is a waste of time as this doesn’t speed up the healing process whatsoever. This time could be used to heal another injured or critically wounded player. On top of that, if a mortar, howitzer, or grenade hits you, you guys are all clumped together and you lose two medics instead of one.



2. If a critically wounded player is still under fire, do not try to revive him.

Reasoning: There is a high chance you will get shot and become critically wounded yourself which creates another whole mess and could bring a lot of unneeded death. Best to play it safe.



3. Stay behind the line of soldiers/stay in the back.

Reasoning: If bullets are flying past, you want them to hit the players in front of you as you can heal any players hit by bullets anyways. If you get hit by a bullet, you cannot heal yourself so it is bad news all around.



4. Never forget a single item.

Reasoning: If you forget your First Aid Kit or Trauma Kit that could mean a soldier’s life, always double-check before you head out onto the front or into battle.

These are rules you should always follow to be a big help to your squad/team. Follow these and you should remain fine.



Medical Tactics

There is a certain set of useful and helpful tactics that could come in good handy whilst being a Combat Medic. Here are the following Combat Medic tactics;


1. Always stay behind your allies to avoid getting hit.

2. Never stay close to each other or clump up.

3. If there is more than one medic, spilled yourselves up.

4. Never have too many medics, so there is still firepower in the squad.

5. Use a smoke grenade for a safer heal or revive.

6. Stay with your squad at all times.

7. If you are the last one alive, retreat.


These tactics are really helpful and make for a really good medic.




There are things you always need to carry to be a great medic so always double-check these items before you head off to battle.


1. First Aid Kit

2. Trauma Kit

3. 2+ Smoke Grenades

4. 2 Bandage(s)

5. Revolver or Pistol with 1-2 clips

6. Gas Mask (Late game or when Green Ashe arises as a threat.)



1. Radio

Some are more useful than others, but if they are all used together and correctly it will make you a great and efficient Combat Medic.



Equipment Usage

First Aid Kit

This is used to heal other players to full health when damaged, also stops player bleeding. You can tell when a soldier is hurt when he has blood spots/splatters covering his body. The more blood, the more the soldier is hurt and the longer you’ll need to heal him. To heal, simply hover your cursor over the selected target/player and hold LMB until complete.



Trauma Kit

This is used to revive the critically wounded. Critically wounded are the people not fully dead up waving their hand in the air occasionally. Be fast with this tool because you have 20 seconds to revive a target before he/she is fully dead which a trauma kit cannot help with. Note that the trauma kit doesn’t heal the target’s health, it only gets the target back on his/her feet.



Smoke Grenade

Throw this in front of your target for a bit more cover/protection for healing. The enemy cannot see you whilst you or your target are in the smoke so take this time to revive or heal your target.




While this item cannot be used for healing others, it can be used for healing yourself. Well, this item cannot heal you; it only stops you from bleeding if hit by a bullet which can save your life as bleeding kills you over time. You can tell if you’re bleeding if red blood splatters are coming out of your body, in the case of this, use a Bandage to save your life so you can save others.



Revolver or Pistol

You won’t need to shoot much, but in the case of an oncoming enemy or you are separated

from your squad. You might want to keep this gun handy just in case you find yourself in a bit of trouble.



Gas Mask

Protects you from Green Ashe. Very useful when you’re target is engulfed in Green Ashe so you can go in for a rescue. Note: Don’t revive your target whilst the Green Ashe is still lingering, he/she will only be downed again.




Good for spotting where enemies are coming from so you can prepare or warn your squad.

Never mix up your trauma kit for your first aid kit, vise versa. It could cost you your target’s life.



Medical Logistic

In the case of there being a shortage or depletion of medical supplies. You may have to be the one to step up and supply the medical supplies.


Quickly harvest some scrap, refine it, and make your way to the nearest medical station a plus sign (+) on your map. It will only take 3-9 minutes depending on how much you make since medical supplies don’t take long to make. When finished, take to the nearest town or FOB then get back on the front lines.


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