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Foxhole Tips & Tricks

28 July 2017, Friday, 1:02:20


Tips & Tricks
-Foxholes, Turrets, Pillboxes, Bunkers and any other passive defense structures are all manned by A.I. and will shoot automatically as enemy players come within range.
-When Aiming, where the cursor actually sits is important, not just pointing your gun in a direction. You will be more accurate when you place your cursor on or slightly behind the target.
-Assessing the map as soon as you enter a war can help you greatly. You can see where the front lines likely are, what’s in the greatest need, and how you can help!
-It takes time for the production of weapons, ammo, S. Supplies, and everything else. Take that into account when producing what your faction needs or when making requests.
-When looking at Ammunition for guns, the number displayed is NOT the number of rounds, but rather the number of Clips or Magazines! It’s never wise to carry too much onto a battlefield as you risk dying before actually getting to use it, and the supplies can be scavenged by the enemy!
-Accuracy is increased when crouched or prone!


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