Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator – How to Get The Certificates


How to Get The Certificates

This is a guide on how to get the certificates.




Certificate of Completion

This one is quite straightforward. Simply get through the game normally and salvage all of the animatronics from the alleyway. This is the true ending to the game.





Certificate of Mediocrity

To this certificate you need to get through each day without buying anything for your restaurant. Basically be as lazy as possible just getting through each night only doing your required tasks.




You have been Blacklisted

Want to be blacklisted by the company? Then get as risky as possible and try getting lawsuits. At that point just pay legal fees. Afterall…




Certificate of Bankruptcy

A simple way to go bankrupt is to buy as much as you can afford then try and get a lawsuit. If the lawsuit costs more than how much you have then click you and bam, you are now bankrupt.




You are the Lorekeeper

This one is harder than the others as it requires three different tasks to be completed. Luckily each of them can be done in any order.




Task 1 – Security Puppet

This one is the easiest to do.




Play this minigame over and over until you are unable to leave your box because of another box ontop of yours.

When you are finally able to leave then leave the building and continue to the right.

Eventually you will see the child from the window laying motionless on the floor. Go over to them to end the minigame.



Task 2 – Midnight Motorist

This one is not as easy as the Security Puppet but it is still easy.

To play this minigame just drive through and avoid other cars unless you want to be slowed down.

On lap 4 there will be a hole in the barrier at the bottom of the screen, just drive into it (if you think you’re going too fast to get there then hit another car, it’ll cause you to slow right down and able to easily get there).

You’ll be thrown into a minigame where you’re controlling the car. Follow the road (there is a secret exit and another exit that heads to Jr’s but you then just follow the road again).




Once you get to the furthest point you can in the car a yellow man will jump out (you can get back into the car by walking over it).

Head to the left where you will find a small house.

Walk into the house to change viewpoints.

Head inside and you can talk to the person watching tv.

Of course though you’re not going to listen to him and head up to the room at the back.

Here you will then proceed to have a lonely conversation with yourself about whoever is behind the door.

Head on down and out of the building. Pick whichever way you want to go (they both end up in the same place) and head to the back of the house.

Follow the footprints on the ground upwards to end the minigame.


Task 3 – Fruity Maze Arcade

This one is the hardest of the three minigames.

You have to complete (not just play) this game 3 times.
The first time through you will need to collect all of the fruit and use the powerups to be able to grab more at once (magnet), speed up (lightening bolt) and walk through walls (purple hippo head?).

The second time a lot of the fruits will change into a yellow rabbit but still collect them the same.

The third time is a bit gruesome, there will be run over rabbits, flowers and shoeboxes to collect. Whenever you collect a roadkill rabbit you will trail blood behind you for a few steps. In this round though you are unable to use the speed up but you don’t have to worry about completing this one perfectly.

Once done you will be interupted by blue and yellow text with Springtrap standing behind the little girl.




How to Get The Insanity Certificate

Follow these simple steps to get the Insanity Certificate.


1-) Buy Egg Baby

You will need $6000 to buy, that thing. But it is important! If you don’t have Egg Baby, you will not get the Insanity certificate.




After that, I recommend you placing it in your pizzeria.




2-) Start a night

After purchasing and placing Egg Baby, you will notice something:




The computer button (the light) is blue. But, what do i do next?

Let’s proceed.


3-) Here comes the trick

Now, listen carefully:

I want you to turn off your computer.




Now: I want you to turn it on, but, before that, click and hold the computer button (where the light was).

Holding the computer button, turn it on and BOOOM. You got the ending.




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