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Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator – How to Get The Insanity Certificate


How to Get The Insanity Certificate

Follow these simple steps to get the Insanity Certificate.



1-) Buy Egg Baby

You will need $6000 to buy that thing. But it is important! If you don’t have Egg Baby, you will not get the Insanity certificate.




After that, I recommend you place it in your pizzeria.




2-) Start a night

After purchasing and placing Egg Baby, you will notice something:




The computer button (the light) is blue. But, what do I do next?

Let’s proceed.


3-) Here comes the trick

Now, listen carefully:

I want you to turn off your computer.




Now: I want you to turn it on, but, before that, click and hold the computer button (where the light was).


Holding the computer button, turn it on, and BOOOM. You got the ending.




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