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Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator – How to Get The Lorekeeper Document

5 December 2017, Tuesday, 12:12:04


How to Get The Lorekeeper Document

This is a guide to get the Lorekeeper document that will appear on the main menu.




Before we get into the process of getting the document, first you need to know which minigames you need to play.


1. Security Puppet
Press Space when you see the child with the matching armband!




2. Midnight Motorist
Drive and reach the checkpoints! Reach top speed and maintain it for maximum points!




3. Fruity Maze Arcade
Grab the fruit in an a-maze-ing maze! The more fruit you grab, the more time you get! And don’t forget about the power-ups, such as the magnetizing magnet, the speedy lightning bolt, and the cape that let’s you go through walls! Just don’t go off the screen when you do, or you’ll be Out Of Bounds!




How to Get to Secrets

Now for the good stuff: how to get to the delicious lore.

Note: There will be no images due to the creator beating the minigames and not saving pictures. Do it yourself if you want to see them.

Note2: Unknown if any of it is canon. But if so, it would explain why we never see the puppet again…

1. Security Puppet minigame: Green Child
This is the easiest of all three minigames. When it starts off, it tells you to press space when you see a child with a green armband. There won’t be, so just keep playing it until you find yourself trapped. Soon you will be let free. Go through the door and keep going forward. There’s a child you need to help.

2. Motorist minigame: He ran off…
Keep driving. There will be a hole in the floor. Go through it. Keep going until there are two paths. Take the path on the left if you want. Your left. You won’t be wanted. Keep going. Go inside. He won’t open the door. Keep trying. Find another way. Try to follow. He went to that place again.

3. Fruit minigame: Behind you.
The hardest of the three. Collect all the fruit. Do it again. Try to do it once more. You can’t run, so you will most likely fail. It doesn’t matter. He’s not dead.

And that’s it! After that, you will have a document claiming that you are the Lorekeeper on the main menu. It’s that easy.


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