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Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator – The Catalog

7 December 2017, Thursday, 18:38:05


The Catalog

Each day begins with you browsing through your Catalog, a list of goods you can add to the restaurant to increase your various pizzeria values such as Atmosphere, Health & Safety, Entertainment, and Bonus Revenue. Let’s go over the specifics for each!




Ex. 2: A typical day at your franchise location.

Value – Description

Atmosphere – The higher your atmosphere, the more inviting your pizzaria is! More Atmosphere means more New Guests!

Health & Safety – A statistic as important as you want it to be! An increase to this value decreases turning Visitors away and reduces Liability.

Entertainment – Keep them coming back! Higher Entertainment ensures you’ll get Returning Customers!

Bonus Revenue – An increased Bonus Revenue value will net you extra cash at the end of each day.

Liability Risk – Watch out! If you have any Liability by the end of your day, you run the risk of someone getting injured, or worse, upset!

Happiness – Few business owners have ever achieved this illusive value. Can you find a way to?




SPECIAL TIP FOR NEW OWNERS: You can use the A and D keys to flip through the Catalog faster!

On occasion, you may run across a heavily discounted item of poor quality. These are a perfect choice for the franchisee strapped for cash, but be careful! Some of these purchases may come with unexpected surprises hiding inside, and, in most cases, these items will have increased Liability Risks due to their shoddy condition.




Ex. 3: Choosing between customer endangerment and increased profit is a daily challenge at Fazbear Entertainment!™

Once you’ve made your purchases, it’s time to lay them out in Blueprint Mode!


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