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Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator: Tips to Survive Nights

6 December 2017, Wednesday, 14:58:00


Tips to Survive Nights

Things To Note before you start

All of the FNaF games require some sort of audio cues to help you survive. It’s your instinct to do this! Here are some sounds you should note.


Cues you should pay attention to:

-Beeps or slight clicks: The “Beeps” from your Monitor. They tell you whether an animatronic has moved is nearby. They can get louder if an Animatronic is nearby. They are pretty easily to listen to if you are careful.

-Character Cues: You probably won’t hear too much of these, but if you do that’s great. Characters using making different sounds like Funtime Freddy’s laugh, They can be heard if an Animatronic is close so be careful.

-Overheating: You don’t want to overheat, it could end your game.

-Flickering: If you are flickering, It means an Animatronic is close. Sometimes It happens when you checking in the vents, Don’t worry. Let the flickering end and it’s over usually.



Cues you should not pay attention to:

-Simple Sound Effects: You don’t need to worry about simple game sound effects like “Your Monitor Turning Off” or “The Vents Powering Down”. They are simple sound effects. SO, don’t worry about those are ambients.

-Screeching: When you are tasking something: Oh, the screeching doesn’t mean something is near or out to get you. It just means you’re Monitor needs some serious equipment. The screeching easy goes away if you buy something from the equipment. Be careful and a very good listener!

Last few things you should know is to DON’T UNDERESTIMATE FUNTIME FREDDY . Funtime Freddy can move in 2 – 3 spots in less than 5 seconds (It definitely gets more than that after it progresses). So, when you are tasking something, you should check the vents to delay his movements.


Tips on how to be less fearful (Optional)

Here are some of the things you should try:

-Try sitting on your seat with your knees bend: Try to make yourself seem taller in the game, Try to sit in the chair with your knees bend. It can make you seem taller and less fearful. If you fear you’ll fall out of your seat easily. You should try another way to seem taller.

-Try talking to yourself while being aware: Try talking to yourself while the game is happening. Talking to yourself is a great way to keep you less worried about your fears if you are playing alone. So, if You are playing Audio near Funtime Freddy to get him into that room, Say something like: “Come inside my party, Buddy.” or “No, Don’t come over here. Bon Bon is over there looking for you.”

-Don’t Panic: Don’t panic, Panic can worry you and increase delay response. Try to find something in your room to glance at to keep you out of row in panic.


Motion Detector Use

Monitor Detectors are one of the most useful tools in the game. It tells you where the animatronics may be. When a Motion Detector is detecting something it will look like this, Make sure you don’t blink or you might miss it.




Monitor detectors also produce a beep that lets you know something has moved. It can be louder depending on the location.


Audio Monitor Tab Use

Audio Monitors are another one of the useful things on the Monitor. You can lure an Animatronic into a Room from certain nearby location. When an Animatronic moves into the room, A warning triangle like this.




Will display on the room your sound is on. The Animatronic can be double lured. Sometimes It takes a little longer than usual to get the Animatronic into the room. Remember, the animatronic can also ignore your audio.

The Audio Monitor Tab also shows where an Animatronic is if the Sound is loud enough on Radar. Don’t always relay on this. This is the job of the Monitor Detector.


What to do if an Animatronic is in your Vent

If you suspect an Animatronic is in your vent. You have 2 options.

The Risky Move: You can lure from back from the vent he was in before by using Audio.

The Stare Trick: You can look directly into the vent that he is in and wait. If you check the vents, he can’t go in if you are looking in it. There will be flickering, wait for the flickering to die. Most importantly, Wait for the beep from the Monitor, it won’t beep if he’s in the room. However, it will if he’s in the other room before he is in your vent.


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