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Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator – Tips & Tricks

5 December 2017, Tuesday, 12:21:52


Tips & Tricks

First Things First

The part where you check each animatronic, you have two options starting night 2.

Throw Away

Salvaging gets you more money for your pizzaria, the problem is you have to deal with the animatronic. Throwing Away gets rid of the animatronic completly.

Also the sheet they give you where you mark yes or no, do not mark them all at the start. Wait for instructions.

If there is a sign that says the animatronic you are reviewing is inside, that means you bought something which had the animatronic removing the choice of throwing it in the alley. Check what you buy and see if its a liability risk.

Throwing away the animatronic means you do not have to deal with them. If you throw them all away, then you will get the lazy ending and be fired.



In the blueprint menu where you set up all your bought items. It would be smart to not deal with sponserships due to them affecting your night greatly. It may get you the money but I would not go for it.



Once you finished with the blueprints and head to your office, the first thing you should do is start with the maintainence tasks. There are few and they are mostly silent. Once you have done them make sure you check if there are any vintage animatronics nearby by using the motion detector. If so use the audio tab and click on a room close enough for the animatronic to hear the sound.



From the ending of this game and based on MatPats full game theory. The character you play as is Michael. The Announcer is Henry. The Puppet is Henry’s daughter and the one who died in the fnaf 2 minigame. Salvaged Baby is William Aftons daughter. Springtrap is Willam Afton. The freddy animatronic is probably the second son. I belive everyone dies in the fire of the pizzaria and Michael, the announcers daughter, William aftons daughter, aftons second son go to heaven while afton goes to hell. There is also a little bit of text at the end saying this is the final fnaf game.



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