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Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare – Useful Tips & Tricks


Useful Tips & Tricks

-You have the luxury of picking your battles. When you start out, you have a measly pistol and two squads of soldiers. Use your immediate funds to recruit another unit at a nearby town, then prey on the various bandits prowling the map. The number by the character identifies the number of enemy combatants. Try to fight enemies that are as close to your strength level as possible.


-Patience is key in combat. While scouting for the enemy, put squads on Cease-Fire and use Charge to move quickly between cover. Once you make contact, consider the tactical situation first – and ensure you won’t be surrounded within minutes of opening fire.


-Try to keep out of combat as much as you can if your equipment is sub-par. You can still win a battle if you lose your squads. If you die in the middle of a heated battle, however, the remainder of the battle will be automatically resolved – not necessarily in your favor.


-Try to source weapons from world map encounters, rather than buying them in towns. This will save a lot of money in the long run. Weapon mods are the exception – once you get a rifle, grab a scope as soon as possible.


-You can shift-click your units in the world map to select multiple units at once. This is helpful for larger squads and for better unit micromanagement.


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