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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Cheats

22 April 2018, Sunday, 14:12:51


Weapon Recipes

There are currently recipes for 30 weapons in the game! To trade weapons simply drag the three you want to trade into the boxes at the bottom of the weapon window and hit trade. If you put the correct 3 weapons in you will get a recipe weapon! (The order in which the weapons go in does not matter it just needs to be the specific ones for the recipe).


Pickaxe – Battle Axe + Crowbar + Ice Climbing Pick

Ultra Great Sword – Broadsword + Claymore + Battle Axe

Cattleprod – Crowbar + Flashlight + Wrench

Golden Toilet Seat – Toilet Seat + Toilet Brush + ?

Briefcase – Purse + Garden Shears + Coffee Pot

Didgeridoo – Log + Microphone + Splitting Axe

Sledgehammer – Claw Hammer + Dumbell + Club



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