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Friday the 13th: The Game Achievement Guide

28 May 2017, Sunday, 16:21:26


Details for every single Achievement.

Jason – Matches
It’s Friday the 13th
Play 1 multiplayer match as Jason.


The Sequel
Play 500 multiplayer matches as Jason.


The Final Chapter
Play 1000 multiplayer matches as Jason.


Jack of all Jasons
Play a multiplayer match as each one of the Jasons.
Each of the 6 Jasons are unlocked when you reach a certain level. You’re supposed to use each one, however I received this one out of nowhere, having only used 2 Jasons and playing multiple Jason matches.



Jason – Kills
First Blood
Kill 1 counselor.


My Lucky Number
Kill 13 counselors.


Jason Goes To Hell
Kill 666 counselors.


Gotta Kill Em All
Kill 1313 counselors.
This will take some time.


Doomed, you’re all doomed!
Kill all 7 counselors in a single match.
This one can be a bit tricky, especially since people like to leave matches before they even begin. If all 7 counselors stay, however, keep an eye and ear out. Open your map to see if either the boat or the car are moving, if they are fast travel to the location as immediately as you can. Also listen for the “woop woop” of police sirens, as that means that a counselor has phoned the police. If you see a red badge on the map, the police are there; try to head the counselors off by placing traps near the exit location and wait to ambush them.


One For Good Measure
Kill all 7 counselors and Tommy Jarvis in a single match.
Another tricky one. Follow the above method, but you will not know if the counselors have called in Tommy Jarvis until you find him and kill him.


Let’s Split Up
Perform the machete dismemberment kill.
You can use Customization Points to purchase new kills for Jason. The Jasons that are equipped with machetes can use a special weapon based kill called Dismemberment. Simply purchase it, and then use it.


This Door Won’t Close
Perform the Door Smash kill.
Positional luck based. If you’re near a cabin door, and have grabbed a counselor, swiftly take them to it and you should see an E prompt to use the door to kill them.


Cooking With Jason Vorhees
Perform the fireplace kill.
Positional luck based. In some of the cabins, there are lit fireplaces. If you’re near one, and have grabbed a counselor, swiftly take them to it and you should see an E prompt to use the fireplace to kill them.


A Classic
Perform the Sleeping Bag kill.
I’m not entirely sure, but I believe that a counselor must be hiding in a tent. If you suspect one is in a tent, go up to it and press E. This should be the Sleeping Bag kill. If not, please let me know so I can update accordingly.


A Ph.D. in Murder
Perform every kill in the game at least once.
There are a total of 58 kills; environmental and purchased. Use them all once. You might want to make a list of the ones that you’ve performed.



Jason – Misc.
Voodoo Doll
Hit counselors with throwing knives 13 times.
Around the map, you will find throwing knives stuck in the sides of cabins and on lamp posts. Grab them with E when you’re close enough. They’re useful for hurting and slowing down counselors anyway. Press and hold middle mouse button to aim, then release to throw them.


Eenie Meenie Miney Mo
Successfully trap a counselor 13 times.
You will begin with 5 traps. Place them around using the R button. Use your brain, and place them in areas that counselors are most likely to step; such as around the boat, or cars, or windows.


Slam Jam
Stop the car 13 times as Jason.
You can stop a car either by appearing in front of it, or by pressing E at the hood to hit it when a counselor restarts it from a stall.


This Door Won’t Open
Break down 100 doors.
Sometimes, to kill a counselor you need to use some force. They’ll lock doors on you, preventing you from entering. Keep swinging your weapon until the door gives, and do this 100 times over.




Counselor – Matches
Play 1 multiplayer match as a counselor.


Camp Counselor
Play 500 multiplayer matches as a counselor.


Head Counselor
Play 1000 multiplayer matches as a counselor.


Super Fan
Play a multiplayer match as each one of the counselors.
You’re supposed to play as each of the 10 counselors at least once. However, this one poped for me out of nowhere after I had only used 3 different ones.


Heeeeere’s Tommy!
Play as Tommy Jarvis 13 times.
To come back as Tommy Jarvis, you need to die and then hope that someone finds and uses the radio to call him in. You also need to hope you’re the one randomly chosen to come back as him.


The (Unlikely) Final Girl
Playing as Tiffany, be the sole survivor in a match.
Basically, Tiffany sucks. If you keep playing as her though, you’ll eventually nab this one by pure luck.



Counselor – Escaping
Friday Driver
Escape in the car as the driver.
To get the car up and running, you need gas, a battery, and keys. While keys can be dropped and given to other players, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get someone to do that for you. Your best chance is to find the keys and drive out of there.


Along For The Ride
Escape in the car as a passenger 13 times.
To be a passenger, be the second, third, or fourth person in the car.


Aye Aye Captain
Escape in the boat as the driver.
To get the boat up and running, you need gas and a propellor/motor. The first one in the boat is the driver.


I’m On A Boat
Escape in the boat as a passenger 13 times.
To be a passenger, be the second or third person in the boat.


Call the police 13 times.
To get the police to come, you will need to find a fuse and use it to repair the phone line. Once it’s repaired, head inside the cabin and use the phone on the wall to call them. It takes them about 5 minutes to arrive. For this one, you don’t have to escape, just call the police.


Crystal Lake Five-O
Escape to the police 13 times.
They will come to the outskirts of the map. Run to them.


Windows 99
Jump through 99 closed windows.
To jump through a window, hold SHIFT and run towards it. Make sure they’re closed so that they count toward this achievement.




Counselor vs. Jason
He’s Back
Get killed by Jason.


You Died a Lot
Get killed by Jason 100 times.


Flaring Up
Hit Jason with a flare 13 times.
Flare guns are redish orange, and they’re scattered around the map. Aim with the right mouse button, and fire with the left.


Smash Bros
Hit Jason with a baseball bat 100 times.
This weapon is probably the worst in the game, but it needs to be done. So get to it.


Get Out Of Jail Free
Break free from a grab with a pocket knife 13 times.
In drawers you will sometimes find a pocket knife. Grab it, and when you get grabbed by Jason use it on him with either the 1, 2, or 3 key, depending on which inventory slot it’s in.


Snap, Crackle, Boom
Stun Jason with the firecrackers 13 times.
In drawers you will sometimes find firecrackers. Grab them, and when Jason is chasing you use them with either the 1, 2, or 3 key, depending on which inventory slot they’re in.


It’s A Trap!
Trap Jason with a bear trap 13 times.
Sometimes you will find a bear trap laying in a cabin. Set them up wherever you think Jason might step, such as in front of a door (inside or outside). Be careful though, as these can also harm your allies.


This Is My Boomstick!
Shoot Jason with the shotgun 13 times.
If you’re really lucky, you’ll find a shotgun laying around. Aim and shoot Jason with it. Alternatively, Tommy Jarvis always spawns with one.



Counselor – Misc.
Disc Jockey
Call Tommy Jarvis 13 times.
To call in Tommy Jarvis, you must locate the randomly placed radio in one of the cabins.


I Need A Medic!
Use a first aid spray 100 times.
First aid sprays can be found sitting out, or in drawers. If you get injured, use one on yourself or use it on a teammate.


Shock Jockey
Succesfully perform 100 electrical and phone box repairs.
Sometimes, Jason will decide it’s time for lights out. When he does, and you’re still alive, repair the electrical box. This can also be achieved by repairing the phone to call the police using the fuse.


Succesfully perform 100 boat repairs.
This counts if you do either the gas or motor, or both. Double the gain speed, double the fun if you manage to get the boat running by yourself.


Grease Monkey
Succesfully perform 100 car repairs.
This counts if you do either the gas or battery, or both. Double the gain speed, double the fun if you manage to get the car running by yourself.


Killer Franchise

Earn all 52 achievements.
By the time you earn this, you’ll never want to see this game again.




Hidden Achievements
Chad Is A♥♥♥♥♥♥
Escape in the car or the boat by yourself while another counselor is still alive.
The achievement has nothing to do with Chad. Just be a total jerk to your teammates.


New Threads
Put on Pamela’s sweater.
For this, you MUST be playing as a female. Pamela’s sweater is located in Jason’s “house”. This rusty tin bucket is randomly spawned around each map. Be swift, since as soon as you enter, Jason receives a warning that you are there.


That’s A Good Boy
Stun Jason with Pamela’s sweater 13 times.
For this, you MUST be playing as a female. You can use Pamela’s sweater like an item, and it will temporarily stun Jason.


Face Off
Remove Jason’s mask 13 times.
To do this, you need to hit Jason by aiming up at his mask. The lead pipe and machete work the best for this.


Pick up Jason’s mask.
After removing the mask, you can pick it up.



Roll Credits
Kill Jason.
If you’re in a PUG, you’re going to have a hard time with this one unless you get a good team that knows how to coordinate properly. Otherwise, I suggest trying to get a group of people together to do this.

1. Someone needs to die.
2. Call in Tommy Jarvis.
3. Give Jarvis a machete.
4. Give a girl counselor a baseball bat.
5. Have that girl counselor get Pamela’s sweater.
6. Use the sweater to stun Jason.
7. Have the girl counselor hit Jason.
8. While Jason is on his knees, have Tommy Jarvis press the E prompt to kill Jason.


Wrap Up
So, there you have it, hidden achievements and all. Good luck, and have fun for the 666+ hours that this will take you.

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