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Friday the 13th: The Game Beginner Tactics

27 May 2017, Saturday, 15:32:07


Beginner Tactics
These are a few beginner tactics that you can employ in order to win your first few games. Do not forget to close and lock doors behind yourself!


The Lone Wolf
These are usually the high composure / high stealth conselors. They will sneak around the map trying to dodge Jason’s sense ability and slowly gather parts and drop them off at key locations. Or they will be nearby key locations and have enough intelligence to put them in for the more faster conselors that lack the wit to put in a part quickly. For instance for Vanessa it’s about six skill checks, but for Deborah it’s around 2.


The Aulturistic Teammate
This guy in the beginning stages is usually the first to die. The guy that just has to help everyone. But later, this is the guy that finds you when you’re almost dead and has 3 med sprays on him and sprays you before jogging off to find the next person who needs healing. This teammate usually works on the fringes and can save people even from Jason should they be bold enough. But usually this guy is a really good team player.


The General
This guy is the guy everyone should be somewhat. It’s generally the guy who is calling out if he has parts, where those parts are going, and when the last time he saw Jason was. Generally this guy will keep the group somewhat together and let people know what’s happening when it’s happening and how it’s happening. When zzzzz General dies, you can usually tell by the group splitting off and run around with no focus.


The Coward
This guy is the guy who hides under the bed for 20 minutes without doing anything to win the game by timeout. Don’t be this guy.


The Vanguard*
This is the only intermediate tactic I will give you in this guide; something for you guys to cut your teeth on. The Vanguard sounds exactly what it sounds like, it’s the person that generally sticks with the group that is confident enough with bats and so on to go toe to toe with Jason to try to defend the group when a teammate runs out of stam. For your first few tries of playing the Vanguard…you’ll probably die a terrible death but it can be done. Just make sure you’re using someone that has some movement on them so you can play with Jason.

Movement is key with this playstyle. You do not want to run out of stam while trying to stun and / or down Jason. I do not suggest playing like this while you’re just learning the game.
Anything with a (*) marks a playstyle geared towards intermediate play.

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