Friday the 13th: The Game Efficient Way to Kill Jason and How to Avoid Getting Killed As Jason


Killing Jason is a task that’s now more of a common goal in the game but people can’t manage to do it. So here are some really good tips and a big helpful guide to help you and your team kill Jason without him knowing.

Call Jarvis
This should be the main priority. Without Jarvis, your team isn’t going to kill Jason. So you need to look around the map for a house with a red and white radio tower, and if the power is not on, turn it on and call him. It’s best to let your team know through a walkie or upfront (when Jason is not nearby) the plan on killing Jason. Many people make the mistake of saying it in the Lobby, so Jason know he can trap what he needs to. So make sure you find some people and let them know the plan and get the word spread around the counselors.


Don’t talk to much about the plan
Once Jarvis is called, your going to need to get people to understand the roles. If you talk to much about the plan to kill Jason, he’ll be onto you, the best way to kill him, is to leave him completely clueless.


Jason’s Mask
Not many people get this, but it’s better to take Jason’s mask off BEFORE getting the sweater. When you get the mask off, grab it and give it to the girl who’s going to get the sweater.


The Sweater
Now that the girl has the mask, she is going to go to Jason’s hut by searching for it. She’ll be able to enter the hut without Pamela telling Jason that someone is there because she has the mask. Only the girl with the mask can enter, otherwise Jason will be notified. Be sure to grab the axe in the hut, it can be used to knock Jason down to his knees to perform the kill.


While she’s hunting for the sweater…
While the girl is hunting for the sweater, the rest of the team should be working to find a machete by now. DO NOT GET MISTAKEN! ONLY THE MACHETE CAN KILL JASON!! You need to find a machete, and if Jarvis is not in the game, have some people attract Jason and get themselves killed so Jarvis will show up in the match.


This is really important. You do not want the girl with the sweater and Jarvis to be alone for this, they are going to need to survive and everyone around them is practically their protectors now. Everyone should be prepared to stun Jason if he goes to kill Jarvis or the girl with the Sweater.


Perform the KIll
Now is your chance, once Jason is coming, your best bet would be to try to get behind him if you have the sweater and stun him with the Q button on your keyboard to use the sweater ability. Once your able to move, hit him with the Axe you got and he’ll fall to his knees. Tommy should have the machete and go up to Jason face to face and hit E to perform the kill!


Now that you know how to kill Jason, here are some tips on how to AVOID getting killed as Jason.


Be wise Jason, if they knock off your mask, they may be taking it to go get the sweater. Be sure to use at least one trap near your hut if that happens, or you can do it at the start of the match.


You need to listen well. If Pamela is saying they are trying to hurt or take her or whatever during the match, you need to get to your hut now and kill the girl with the sweater. Also listen out for counselors talking about the plan. A great method to this is by using the “Stalk” ability, which will not let any counselor know your nearby unless they see you physically.


If Jarvis is on the scene, or the girl got away with getting the sweater, your in for it, you need to target at least one of the following:
-The Girl with the Sweater
If you do not kill them fast enough, they may be able to kill you if they pull it off. As long as one of them are dead, the kill cannot be performed and the chance is gone.

Anyways, those were some tips and tricks and the guide to kill Jason and how to Avoid it, enjoy!

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