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Friday the 13th: The Game How to Boost Your Chances at Survival

27 May 2017, Saturday, 15:45:23


Boost your chances at survival
Use your mic
Being able to quickly relay information to other conselors will save not only your life but other people’s life as well. If you can quickly say “Jason’s chasing me over at Stillwater!” That lets people know where you are, what’s going on, and if they can repair the car so you can jump in on the fly!


Conselor Ettiquette
Seems weird that I’m bringing this up? But make sure you are treating your fellow conselors politely . That means do not mic spam and screech, do not shoot your fellow conselor for no reason, do not fast valut through windows. You never know when you’re grabbed by Jason and you need that Vanessa with the flaregun to shoot him. You attract more bees with honey!


Doors & Houses
I can’t stress how important this is:

Never in ANY horror game do you want to leave doors open/easily accessable behind you.

Close them, and then hold E and pull the bar down over it. Why? Because Jason needs to hit the door more if the bar is pulled down over it then without it, and therefore uses more of his time. You closing and locking that door will also alert you to if Jason is trying to come through it for you. Do you want him to just open it by pressing it or slam on it a bunch therefore buying yourself more time to plan an escape route for the same effect?

Always close and lock doors behind you; never forget this. Closing and locking also helps your fellow conselors tell which buildings have been searched and which ones haven’t yet so it saves you more time as well.


Do not play with Jason
Jason is considerably stronger than you than in any other game in the same genre. If Jason finds you 9/10 times you are dead. Your job at that point is to waste Jason’s time. Anything to keep him tied up so that the others have a better shot at getting out and maybe rescuing you. Keeping him busy even for 30s is enough time for someone to get on the phone and call the cops or Tommy. Remember for Jason time is currency, and he doesn’t have a lot of it to spend if he wants to wipe everyone.


Be Aware of your Surroundings and Fellow Conselors
Your fellow conselors do not always have your best interest at heart. Everyone is more concerned with their own personal survival than the survival of the group which means you need to be aware constantly of what’s going on around you. The walkie talkie is your best friend, you will hear your fellow conselors report back the status of parts they found and repairs on certain objectives as well as “Jason last spotted” call outs.


Group Play
Generally conselors are stronger in a group than what they are alone. Being grouped together means if someone gets grabbed someone else can flare or hit him with a bat and saved the grabbed guy. Being alone means you’re afforded none of this protection, but that also means Jason is able to keep tabs on all the conselors fairly easy. So I suggest small groups of 2 max 4 if you guys are trying to make a blue car / 4 seater car play.

Now there are certain conselors that have high stealth and high composure that will want to either play with each other and stealth / compose the entire way or by themselves as not to be flagged by their fellow conselors that can’t stealth or compose themselves well. Generally these stealthy / high composure concelors are considerably slower than the others. You’ll know them when you see them.


Escaping Ettiquette
When escaping in the cars, if you have objects for other objectives like say I had the fuse but escaping with a group in the blue car. Please remember to DROP the objective you have on the ground by pressing Z, same goes for spare batteries and so on. There are only 2 of some of the objectives and if you leave the map with them people can’t escape.

This is more of a “don’t be a jerk” type of thing. I generally leave them at the objective that I’m escaping with. So say that I’m leaving in the blue car, I would drop my spare battery at the blue car and whatever else I had and then say over my walkie talkie “hey guys, I left a spare battery for the yellow car at the spot the blue car is usually at.” That way I leave them in locations that are easy for everyone else to find instead of in the middle of the forest or at the exit gate.


The Gun
Every now and then you’ll find a gun on the map that can be used to stun Jason. Sometimes you’ll see people rip out a flare gun and shoot and stun Jason with it while he’s holding another conselor and think ‘I can do that with my regular gun!’ NO! If you shoot while Jason is holding another conselor it will always kill the other conselor even if you aim directly at Jason. If this happens, save your gun apologize or laugh at the dying conselor and move on. Save that bullet for an exit play.

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