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Friday the 13th: The Game How to Win Guide

27 May 2017, Saturday, 15:26:31


How to win
The Win Conditions
Friday the 13th is a assymetrical horror game; which means one opponent versues many in a horror setting. The goal for you as a counselor would be to make it out of the map alive and there’s a few different ways to do that.


The Car
The car is probably one of the most popular ways currently to escape. The car needs gas, a battery, and keys in order to start up. Gas is generally found on the ground inside of buildings, so is the battery. Keys are found within drawers randomly. There are two of each thing on the map. Once you find the things you need to repair the car go to it, and press E. A skill check will pop up on your screen where you have to use LMB and RMB when they pop up in the middle in order to instal the part. Once all the parts are in get in the car and wait, do not do this if Jason is close because like a real car it takes time to start up. Once started, drive to the main road and exit any of the exits.


The Police
There will be a phone on the map, but you cannot instantly use it. Instead you must fine the phone box fuse and repair the phone with it. The fuse can be found in any of the drawers. Once the phone is repaired you go into the house that had the phone box attached to it and hold down E in order to start making the call to the police. Once the police are called a 5 minute timer will appear on the screen and when that hits 00:00 the police will appear at one of two exits along the main road on the map. You must run to the exit the police are at (they only show up on one exit) and you can leave via that exit. Be careful, the police will show up on the map if you have found one, if not you will have to guess which exit they are at or have a walkie talkie and ask your teammates.


The Boat
On a few of the maps there is a boat that you and the other conselors can repair in order to get out of the map. The boat only holds two conselors just like the yellow car. Once in the boat you can drive it off in the direction of the exit which is marked by two large orange cones in the water which you will steer the boat down a watery runway to get too. Be careful, Jason can attack the boat from the side and flip it over; ending in a watery death for you and your companion.


Running the time out
In every match Jason has around 20 minutes to find all 7 or 8 conselors and kill them. Should he fail to do this at the 3 minute mark a timer will begin to mark the end of the match. From that point on you as the conselor will always hear Jason’s music regardless of if he is there or not. This is to scare you into running, crashing through windows, etc in order to give Jason a better chance at tracking you down.


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