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Friday the 13th: The Game The Meaning of the Stats


Counselor Stats:

Composure – Reduces the rate that fears increase and makes it easier to break free from Jason’s grab.


Luck – Increases weapon durability and gives minor increases to many other stats.


Intelligence – Increases repair effectiveness.


Speed – Increases overall top speed.


Stamina – Increases overall stamina pool and reduces the stamina cost of actions.


Stealth – Reduces the amount of noise generated and Jason’s ability to sense. 6 Stealth means that Jason can’t hear noise pings if you’re jogging unless he has Rage.


Strength – Increases attack damage with weapons and reduces stamina cost of combat actions.



Jason’s Stats:

Morph – Jason fast travels long distances to locations selected on the map.


Rage – Enhances Jason’s abilities and allows him to burst through walls and closed doors with ease. Triggers automatically when halfway into the match.


Sense – Jason can visually detect his victim’s whereabouts within his proximity, especially those with a high fear level.


Shift – Jason disappears and can quickly move short distances, avoiding traps and controlling when and where to stop.


Stalk – Jason mutes the danger theme victims hear when he’s nearby and heightens his sense of hearing.


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