Friday the 13th: The Game Tips for Counselors



Tips For Counselors
-Communication is key to survival. If you manage to find people or find a walkie talkie, don’t hesitate to make a plan. Conversely, if Jason is nearby and doesn’t know you are there yet, keep your mouth shut…unless you want Jason to rip it off.

-Other counselors are marked as white circles on your minimap, or white arrows if they are far away.

-Use compass directions to help people locate things; this is very helpful to counselors who can’t find a map.

-If you have a pocket knife, it’s handy to let your team know so that they know that you can tank a grab. Jason will be stunned with a pocket knife, so there is no need to stick around or try to stun him again.

-On your minimap there is a small circle that emits from the center. This shows you how much noise you are making. Noise appears as blips that Jason can see. If you are trying to hide, keep an eye on your minimap to see how much noise you are making.

-Be aware that even the characters with the highest stealth can still be detected by Jason’s sense ability if he is close enough. You still need to give him a very wide berth, which is purely up to your judgement as to how far you need to run.

-Avoid repairing things with a low repair skill, unless you are just that good with QTE. If you fail, it will create and audible sound that Jason can hear.

-Keep an eye out for cabins with red and white radio towers; this is a visual indication that there is a radio inside to call Tommy Jarvis.

-Sometimes, acting as bait will help your team survive. For instance, you have a character with high stamina and your teammates have stealthy repair characters. Use your speed to distract Jason while the other counselors repair something.

-If you are looking for parts for a car, boat or phone box, check the cabins closest to the objective first. In most cases, at least one part is found in a cabin nearby. The other parts, however, are more randomized.

-Avoid gathering too much fear (being in the dark, being chased by Jason, being alone, and getting hurt). It will allow Jason to more effectively find you. You can track your fear level by your counselor’s expression.

-If you see a dead body in the distance, avoid it unless you can afford it. It will not only make you more fearful, but it will also stagger you, making it easier for Jason to catch you.

-There is a button that allows you to completely reverse your camera to look behind you. Use this to remain aware of what is behind you without having to turn the camera manually.

-Characters with low strength should take a firearm over a melee weapon. But, a melee weapon is better than nothing.

-Blunt weapons, like pipes or a baseball bat, are better at actually knocking Jason down; bladed weapons , like axes or machetes, are more for reducing his health, which is more for the “Kill Jason” objective.

-The large cabin on the map is usually the place of highest contention, as it will usually spawn with a car or a phone. If you spawn there and aren’t ready, it’s advised to make some distance.

-Keep track of Jason’s ability unlock sound cues (the Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma, as the game calls it). Sense will unlock first, then shift, then stalk, then rage. If it is early in the game and you haven’t heard a second cue, you can assuredly run away from Jason easier since he doesn’t have shift. Conversely, if you hear the fourth cue towards the lategame, keep your ears open since Jason can now stalk and surprise you.

-If you have a firearm and are about to shoot Jason, try to cut down the time between aiming the gun and firing so that Jason doesn’t have time to react. This can take practice, but this makes dealing with Jason easier.

-Jason cannot be stunned while he is doing a killing animation; don’t waste your ammo.

-YOU CAN hurt other counselors. Make sure they are not in your way when you shoot and line up your shot carefully if you are trying to hit Jason when he’s holding someone.

-Look out for condensed patches of leaves. These are traps hidden by Jason and can hurt you greatly.

-Jumping out of a two story window hurts enough to slow you down. Avoid doing so or have a med spray handy.

-Use radios in a clever manner. They will make noise that can’t be differentiated from you by Jason. You can turn one on as you leave the cabin to throw Jason a red herring, or you can use reverse psychology and make Jason think you have left while you hide in a closet.

-Place bear traps in front of places you know Jason will go to if he chases you (in front of doors or around a corner). It is helpful to let your team know that there are traps down, as counselors can be hurt by them too.

-If you are being chased by Jason and see other counselors remaining stationary on your minimap, try not to drag them into your chase by running near them. In most cases it is a stealthy counselor trying to hide until Jason leaves. But, if you are not feeling so compassionate, you can forget that and make Jason switch targets.

-While being chased, get to the nearest cabin. If you sprint for too long, you will run out of stamina with no way to get it back, making you DEAD easy prey. If you manage to get into a cabin, it will buy you some time to regain stamina and try and think of a plan.

-One pinch to the above tip: once it gets to the lategame, cabins become less safe. Jason can freely bust through locked doors and he can use Stalk to surprise you.

-Stalk makes it so the music that normally plays when Jason is nearby doesn’t play until you see Jason. If you know Jason has it, keep your head on swivel and listen for his heavy footsteps.

-If you are hiding in under a bed or in a closet, use Hold Breath wisely. You make an audible sound when breathing in and a very audible sound when you stop holding. I’ve managed to hide from Jason without having to use it at all, but that may be thanks to high composure of my counselor.

-The car is stupidly sensitive. Be careful when you are driving and avoid using a lead foot. Even at a modest speed the car can outpace Jason.

-If you hit Jason with the front side of the car, he will just smash it down, forcing you to restart it. Avoid hitting him head on.


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