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Friday the 13th: The Game Tips for Jason

28 May 2017, Sunday, 2:44:16


Tips For Jason
-Morph is a less effective shift in a pinch. If you need to catch a counselor who is just leaving the house, use this to close the gap.

-Break windows and doors if you can afford the time. Counselors are hurt each time they go through broken windows.

-Doors that only have a lock can be broken down with one swing, so break them down if they try to lock you out with them.

-While shifting, you can end it by pressing Attack or Grab. Doing so will immediately end shift and do the action. This is the basic way to do a shift-grab.

-While attempting a shift-grab, try to place yourself a little bit in front of the counselor so they run into your grab. More often that not they will escape if you end your shift behind them.

-If someone does a stand off with you with a gun in hand, use your shift to close the gap quicker than they can react.

-Counselors with blunt objects can knock you down, which wastes precious time. Wait for them to swing at you then make your move.

-Throwing knives can be thrown through windows.

-Press and hold the Throwing Knives button to aim the knife; letting go will throw it. Press grab to exit aiming.

-Punish counselors who run in a straight line with throwing knives.

-If you find a counselor in the water or on a boat, abuse the fact that you move wickedly fast while in water and drown them.

-If you can’t find where counselors are, check cars, boats and phone boxes. They need to use these to escape and will have to go around that area eventually.

-You can end sense early by pressing the Sense Button again. This allows you to control your cooldown.

-Stalk can be used to surprise counselors who are in cabins, as their line of sight (their only way to detect you then) is limited. They can literally round the corner and run right into you without time to realize that you were there.

-If you sense a counselor in a cabin a ways away and have stalk, activate stalk first then morph over to close the gap covertly.

-Running/Fast Walking while using stalk lowers its effective time, but morph has no effect on it. This is why the above tip is advised.

-If you suspect that a counselor has a pocket knife, wound them to the point that they are grabbing their arm; if they so happen to have a knife they won’t be able to run far enough. Alternatively, you can just kill them with your weapon.

-Certain grab kills require flat ground, including any that throw the counselors to the ground (the axe neuter is a prime example). Have a few grab kills that still carry the counselor (like the choke) to have something to fall to if the terrain isn’t allowing other finishers. This is important because counselors will eventually break out of your grasp.

-Be passively aware of where you are when you grab a counselor for a kill, as context kills may be nearby. Some examples are windows, open doors, the toilet, the fireplace, trees with short branches, coat hangers, and ankle high rocks or stumps. Context kills will be marked with a circle when you go near them.

-Place traps in front of repair objects so that counselors have no option but to run over them to repair the object (place one in front of a phone fuse box, for example). They are hard to see and cannot be disarmed. You can also place them in front of windows so that it catches the counselor when they jump out.

-Traps you place are highlighted on your map as red symbols. Use this to tell if a counselor has tripped one.

-You cannot replenish traps, so don’t waste them. Knives, on the other hand, can be found throughout the map.

-Remember that some chases are used solely to distract you while other counselors repair objects. If you find a group of counselors, focus on the ones with the high repair skill or the stealthy ones to ensure that their progress is hindered (they are also easy chases, too, since their stealth or repair skill sacrifices speed and stamina).

-Don’t be dissuaded by Jasons who can’t run. Wounded counselors are still slower and knives exist to prove that. Some Jasons can counter the slow movement with other abilities, like Spear Jason’s quicker shift cooldown.

-Less hit points means that it will take less hits to remove your mask, which is required for them to kill you. It is a hard objective for them to complete, but be aware that it will be easier for them if you have less hit points.

-If you hear Pamela (Mom) say that she is being “taken”, immediately go to your spawn point. What she is telling you is that someone has stolen the sweater from your shrine, which can be used to stun you and even set you up for your death.

-Camping objectives is a double edged sword. Counselors won’t go near it, but you won’t be able to check other objectives. Distribute your attention across all objectives. The only exception is a completed police escape, where it wouldn’t be a bad idea to corner counselors there.

-If you kill a counselor with a repair item, it can usually be safely assumed that that objective is compromised, since other counselors will need to find the dead body, which is bad for them, and they might not even know where that counselor died. But, discord and other methods of communication exist, and sometimes they will get lucky.

-Eavesdrop on conversations that the counselors are having, as it may tell you what they are up to. Stalk is handy for this.

-Be aware of what the counselors are saying to their pals. If they say something like “he’s by me”, then you may not be by someone else, meaning that other counselors may not be nearby.

-Remain aware of bear traps that counselors set. You can peek at the above section to see where they may leave them.

-One of my tips for counselors is to avoid dead bodies as it will raise their fear and stagger them. Abuse that.

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