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Frostpunk – Useful Tips

30 April 2018, Monday, 16:29:02

Useful Tips

-Learn to micro hunters/miners.


-You don’t need to power up the generator before day 4 temperature drop; on day 4 use the heaters in the workplaces don’t bother with steam hub keep the steel for tech.


-Always use emergency shift and foreman on all your workshops (All game).


-One active hub should be all you need until late game; offline hub can still be used by the automaton to refuel.


-Rush scouting for extra manpower and to unlock Telsa city (Steam Core outpost) as soon as you can; research the faster outpost tech just before you send scout to Telsa.


-Disassemble the automaton you find at the steel bridge and use the steam core on coal mines.


-Build tents only and rush the generator range upgrade to skip the bunkhouse, keep the wood and steel for tech and don’t bother upgrading to houses before super late when you are
swimming in resources.


-You should have 16 workshops (80 engineers for a while) working 6-20 (280%) to power you up in the tech tree. Build a new workshop as soon as new engineers are rescued.


-Rush sawmill (x2), steelworks (x2), coal mines (x3), and upgrade them to steam asap they are more efficient and warmer so you don’t need to use the heater or any steam hub.


-Don’t bother with automaton until your city grows stall at 20 days or so (Mid game) and you have every production building to the last level, then you can start pumping out automaton to replace the workers on the building listed above.


-Foreman works with building with automaton but agitator do not.


-You want engineers in infirmary, not an automaton; always use the extra ration for the ill.


-You can use one extra steam core (or child) to repair the generator critical level during the storm.


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