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Frozen Synapse 2 – Critical Actions

13 September 2018, Thursday, 17:10:47

Critical Actions

There are five critical actions that you should master, and use in all situations.





  • -Kill-Time is not an selectable action, but it must be considered as one.


When ever a vatform begins shooting there is a required time that the enemy unit must be in-sight and in-range. This is the Kill-Time. Each vatform class has their own Kill-Time, which is effected by Cover, Movement, and Aim. If your vatform is moving it can not shoot as quickly. If your vatform is behind cover the vatform takes longer to kill. If your vatform is using Aim, then they will kill enemies quicker. If the enemy steps into a vatform’s Focus Diamond, then they will kill enemies most quickly. The best way to figure Kill-Time out is to test each situation several times before priming your turn.






  • -Positioning is the most obvious and most glossed over part of good tactics.


When you are moving your vatforms. It is important to pay attention to the positioning of your vatforms, and also the positioning of enemy vatforms. Close-Range vatforms should be kept near the front or on a flank. Long-Range vatforms should be far enough back that they cannot get flanked. Explosive vatforms should be moved along side other bullet vatfoms, so they can be used in tandem. If you are out of position a lot of things can go wrong, but when you are in position a lot of things can go right. Don’t clump up because all your guys could die in one grenade, but don’t be to spread out because you will get picked off. There is a balance, and it can be found with practice. Positioning is 55% if the battle.




Focus / Aim

  • -The Aim cone will improve Kill-Time, but decease unit movement speed.


  • -The Focus is the central point of unit’s Aim cone, and will dramatically improve Kill-Time.


  • -The Focus is your best weapon against static defensive positions.



The Focus / Aim command is the little green target button undernear each vatform and waypoint. This button is also used to fire weapons for all Explosive and Area-of-Effect(AoE) vatforms. When you use this command you must decide which part you want to use. You can Focus on spot, or you can Aim to cover the most ground. Sometimes you can effectivly do both. You cannot change your Aim cone with out moving the Focus diamond. You can use the Cancle Aim command to allow your unit to move at a standard speed, but you lose the Aim Kill-Time bonus. You can tell when any vatform is using the Aimcone by the letter C that appears next to the vatform, when they open fire. Additionally, You can tell when a vatform is using the Focus diamond because of the large F that appears next to the vatform in combat, this is the quickest way to kill enemy vatforms with bullet based units. If two vatform’s Focuseach other the conflict will likely be that both die, unless one has a class advantage.





  • -Duck decreases your vatform’s movement speed, but you can hide behind Cover.


Duck the only way to hide behind Cover. Wall will stop bullets if your vatforms are standing. Cover will not stop bullets if your Vatforms are standing. You must use the Duck command to hide behind cover. Be aware, you will need to issue the Stand command to stop ducking.




‘Continue on Sight’ aka. Sprint

  • -Continue on Sight inceases your vatform’s movement speed, but you cannot shoot.


Continue on Sight is the only way to make your Vatfrom stop shooting and sprint, while you are sprinting you cannot shoot. You can use this if you wish to cross an short open space, and it must be done at the fastest possible speed. You can Continue on Sight while standing or ducking, but you must use the Engage on Sight command if you want your vatform to start shooting again.



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