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Frozen Synapse 2 – Synergistic Tactics

13 September 2018, Thursday, 16:26:19

Synergistic Tactics

Here are synergistic tactics that can be used to improve your abilities in Frozen Synapse 2:


  • -Grenades can be used defensively to cover a retreat.


  • -Grenades can be used offensively to clear out stubborn resistance.


  • -Grenades can be shot over cover.


  • -Grenades can be bounced off walls, shields, and cover.


  • -Grenades have a restricted travel distance and explosive radius.


  • -Toxic and/or Grenade launchers can deny access through a critical area of the battlefield.


  • -Enemies can see grenades when they are fired in dark mode.


  • -Do not leave your grenadier in the same spot after firing.


  • -Friendly explosives will kill your own units.


  • -Shields can be used to block line of sight.


  • -Shields can deflect rolling grenades, but not rockets or explosions.


  • -Shields can safely poke most corners, windows and doors.


  • -Smoke launchers are a powerful tool, they can be used to block line of sight.


  • -Smoke will stop units outside the smoke from shooting units inside or beyond the smoke.


  • -Units inside Smoke cannot shoot outside, but they can shoot enemies inside the smoke.


  • -You can use smoke to safely disregard long range bullet units and move across the battlefield.


  • -A crouched rocket launcher will destroy Cover.


  • -A standing rocket launcher will shoot over cover and destroy Walls.


  • -Rocket launchers are the only unit that destroys walls from any distance.


  • -Look to destroy walls and cover with rockets to kill enemy units on the other side of that wall.


  • -You can breach the enemy defense from an unexpected position using rockets.


  • -Any vatform that walks into the firing arc of an AoE vatform will die.


  • -AoEs have limited range, and they can be easily killed if they are left in the open.


  • -AoEs will cause grenades and rockets to blow up on contact with the area of effect.


  • -You can use AoEs to lock down areas that you do not want enemies coming through.


  • -Turrets are a immobile long-range lockdown the area solution.


  • -Turrets are best used coving open ground, while they are behind cover.


  • -Unguarded AoE and Explosive vatforms are easy prey.


  • -AoE, Turrets and Explosive vatforms cannot move while they are firing.


  • -Have the explosive/AoE fire and detonate on the same turn. (No possible opponant reaction)



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