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Frozen Synapse 2 – Understanding the Battlefield

13 September 2018, Thursday, 16:21:30

Understanding the Battlefield

Once you are comfortable with controlling your vatforms and working with the mission objective, you should begin to gain a greater understanding of each unique battlefield you will fight on. The objectives of the mission will change, potential enemy units will change, but one thing you can rely on is that you will live and die by corners, doors and cover. You should always make every effort to use your explosive and AoE vatforms to control the battlefeild: blowup walls and cover with rockets, gas halls and doors, smoke enemy line of sight, grenade rooms and spaces, flame doors and windows, minigun corners and hallways. The buildings and spaces are the keys to success.



  • -Doorways should be guarded, always assume the enemy is doing the same.



  • -Windows will kill you, you cannot see what is going to pop up from behind them.



  • -Corners are tricky because they allow wide views with minimal movement.



  • -Hallways can be death traps, expecially with miniguns.



  • -Cover is king. If your in cover any enemy is at a disadvatage, unless they also have cover.



  • -Open space is the snipers paradise. Use it or die by it.



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