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Galactic Civilizations 3 PC Keyboard Controls


PC Keyboard Controls

W or Up arrow – Move camera up or “north” on the screen

A or Left arrow – Move camera left or “west” on the screen

S or Down arrow – Move camera down or “south” on the screen

D or Right arrow – Move camera right or “east” on the screen

Z – Hide HQs and buildings. Helps to figure out where resources are if you’re doing an underground nuke

Default Camera View 2 – 3

Default Camera View 3 – 4

Default Camera View 4 – 5

Default Camera View O – 1

Done – Enter

Minimap Reset Zoom – /

Minimap Zoom In – ;

Minimap Zoom Out – ‘

Next Notification – Tab

No – N

Request New Turn – Enter

Scroll Camera Down – Down Arrow

Scroll Camera Left – Left Arrow

Scroll Camera Right – Right Arrow

Scroll Camera Up Up – Arrow

Show Distance – Ctrl

Toggle Grid – G

Toggle Text Chat Entry – T


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