Galactic Civilizations® I: Ultimate Edition – PC Keyboard Controls

PC Keyboard Controls

Cursor Keys – Moves ships in specificed direction

Keypad keys – Moves ships in specific direction (check Numlock)

S – Sentries a ship (ship will not be called on unless an alien ship comes within sensor range.

G – Guard mode (ship will not be called on unless an enemy alien ship comes within sensor range.

TAB – Finds the next available ship with moves remaining.

SPACE – Currently selected ship chooses to pass on its turn.

F – Turns multiple ships on the same tile into a fleet.

U – Un-Fleet. Breaks a selected fleet back into individual units.

C – Center on currently selected ship.

F1 – Galactic Map Window

F2 – Planet List

F3 – Ship List

F4 – Domestic Policy

F5 – Foreign Policy

F6 – Technology Policy

F7 – Open Planet View for first planet in civilization

F9 – Bring up Tactical Map

Ctrl-R – Refresh your sensors across the galaxy.

ENTER – Go to next turn

Esc – Dismiss a dialog or bring up the Game options dialog

A – Will tell a survey ship to “Auto Survey”

Ctrl-N – Generate a new galaxy, using the current settings


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