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Galaxy of Pen and Paper Achievements

27 July 2017, Thursday, 18:18:35



What does that ship do? Oops…
Engage a pirate ship and win the battle.


Last Stand
Defeat a boss with a single character alive.


Planet Prober
Gather 100 minerals.


Full Squad
Play with 4 roleplayers at once.


Battle medic? Report pls
Unlock the Medtech class.


Tanton Army Knife
Complete all quest types.


Space Y Intern
Land on 25 different planets.


Unlock the Savage class.


Unlock the Heavy class.


Space Pope
Unlock the Negotiator class.


Create a character with a 9 in any attribute


Unlock all optional classes.


Talk to 50 npcs.


Grind Master
Reach level 25.


All about point of views
Choose all different choices for a single event.


Economic$ for dummie$
Used all minerals available in the universe as a currency.


Dinner time
Grab some food and place it on your table.


Doomsday Device
Finish off a space pirate with your special weapon at full charge.


Space Explorer


The Longest Shot


God Stomp


Blast of the North Star


Shaolin Blast


Master of Damage
Reach 70% critical chance during a combat.


Take it easy
Deal a critical damage of 500 or more using your Opportunistic Strike.


What’s up with this? I’m up, let’s go
Finish the game having the Achiever roleplayer in your party.


A new era
Beat the game.


All my love for side quests
Complete 50 side quests.


Thanks for all the fish
Unlock all metashop items.


So many choices
Buy at least 10 different skills to your character


I got 99 items and a ratburger ain’t one
Gather 99 of any consumable items in your inventory.


Wannabe Hero
Unlock all reputation perks.


Reach 100% reputation at the highest Rank.


50 Credits
Grab all weapon and armor upgrades for a character.

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