Gangs of Space – How to Get and Level Up Crews


How to Get and Level Up Crews

How to get Crews
Each time you level up your ship, you get the ability to choose a reward among three rewards proposed. These rewards can be either : a subsystem (press O), an item, or a crew.

At level 10, you will have exactly 2 crews on your ship, no more, no less (the rewards will adjust in order to do that).

These crews will be locked on your ship until you reach level 10 with this ship. After that, you will be able to move them out of you ship to put them in a storage or in an other ship (it like any item). Remember, if your ship is killed, you loose your crew, so the only safe place is the Warehouse.





How to level up Crews
You need to reach level 10 before being able to level up your crew. After that, each DNA collected will level up your crew. Crew can’t go above level 100.


Bonus given by Crews
There is 11 differents crews, each giving differents bonus :
-Give 0.3% Shield solid restistance per crew level
-Give 0.3% Shield explosive restistance per crew level
-Give 0.3% Shield electric restistance per crew level
-Give +0.4% Solid damage per crew level
-Give +0.4% Explosive damage per crew level
-Give +0.4% Electric damage per crew level
-Give 0.1% Critical chance per crew level
-Give 0.25% DNA drop per crew level
-Give +0.2% Shield per crew level
-Give +0.2% Structure per crew level
-Give 0.25% cooldown reduction per crew level

The name of the crew is random, and is not related to the bonus he give.


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