Gears 5 – Escape Mode Tips and Tricks


Escape Mode Tips and Tricks

Your main goal is to destroy everything that’s in the Hive with a gas bomb. The bomb contains venom poison so what you don’t kill, the poison will kill for you. But keep in mind that the gas will not only kill the Hive but also you and your team. If you are too slow the gas will catch up to you. The bomb explodes in 60 seconds so you have a minute to get as far away as you can and then keep avoiding the gas.



When you escape the pod, the enemies won’t be aware of this. You can kill many enemies in one minute but try to perform as many stealth kills as possible before the gas bomb explodes and everyone is aware of your presence.



The main reason behind this is to preserve ammo which is a big deal in Gears 5 Escape mode. Ammo management is key to success here so avoid using ammo to kill enemies before the bomb explodes.  Make sure to mark enemies before a melee kills as it lets you deal more damage.



Escape mode is a great way to get comfortable with weapons you don’t usually play with. Your favorite weapon will be out of ammo most of the time but you can pick up weapons from downed enemies. You can also share weapons with your teammates, just drop it for your teammate to pick up.



There are ammo areas around the map so do some exploration, the gas takes some time to reach you. These packs only give you ballistic ammo so don’t expect grenades etc. If you can’t find ammo, keep switching weapons by picking up enemy weapons.



In Escape mode, you can carry one sidearm, one primary, and one secondary weapon. We suggest keeping at least one shotgun with you. The map isn’t huge and there tight spaces and area, a shotgun to the head can deal significant damage. Shotguns are also a good way to damage the Flock and Leaches. You can use Overkill to deal significant damage to both these enemy types.



When a Flock charges jump out of the way to avoid damage. Keep a track of its location to avoid being surprised by its attacks.



During the later part of the match, you will come across enemies that explode when they die,  they are called Poppers and are new to the Gears universe. Do not melee kill these enemies and keep your distance. They love to explode near you.


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