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Gears of War 4 – How To Unlock Card Codes?

7 October 2016, Friday, 14:41:46


How To Unlock Card Codes: You can redeem the 25 character codes you get from the bottom of these physical cards at Gearsofwar.com. Or follow these claim instructions… Whether you are playing on Xbox or PC, both of these methods will entitle the unlock for both platforms.




– Go to Xbox.com.

– Sign into the Xbox Live account you would like your unlocks to be associated with.

– Click your Gamertag in the top right of the screen to open a dropdown menu.

– Select ‘Redeem Code’.

– Press the green ‘Redeem’ button.

– Enter the 25 character code and press the green Confirm button.

– Select “Confirm” to acquire the unlock.

– Repeat for each remaining code in the pack.





– Turn on your Xbox One.

– Sign into the Xbox Live account you would like your unlocks to be associated with.

– On the Home screen, move your [Left Analog Stick] to the right until you get to Store. Games should now be the highlighted tab.

– Use your [Left Analog Stick] down to the ‘Use A Code’ option underneath the top banner image.

– Press the [A Button] on ‘Use A Code’.

– Scroll right and select ‘Or Enter The 25 Character Code’.

– Enter the code on the card and press confirm. If the code has been entered correctly, you’ll be prompted with a download. Press confirm again.

– Once your download has been completed, your item will be in your collection when you next load up the game. Repeat for each remaining code in the pack.



How To Get More Card Items In-Game: Outside of the above-mentioned pre-order bonus, most Cards are actually earned through Gear Packs, which can be purchased with an in-game currency called Credits. Credits are earned by simply playing the game in any online based Multiplayer Mode, including Horde, and provide you with the freedom to spend Credits on the pack theme that best suits your needs.



For players with less spare time or looking to grow the Card Collection quickly, Gear Packs can also be purchased with real world currency.



As a bonus, almost every Card in the game can be destroyed for Scrap*. Scrap can be used to create another card that you desire without having to find it in a Gear Pack, allowing you to turn unwanted Cards into a Card you’ve always wanted.



*Gears of War 4 has a new Card creation system, allowing you to use a special creation only currency – Scrap – to create the Card you’ve always wanted.



Any unwanted Cards can be destroyed, turning them into the Scrap currency – the higher the rarity, the more Scrap is earned from destroying the card. Almost every card in the game can be Created – just like with destroying, the higher the rarity, the more Scrap the card will cost to create. Once you have enough Scrap, you can directly acquire the Card you’ve been hunting for!



This system means that every card you acquire, even if it’s not of personal interest to you, can have value towards building the collection of cards that you desire.


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