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Gears Tactics – Death & Recruitment

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Death & Recruitment

If the HP Gauge of one of your soldiers is completely emptied by an enemy attack, he is immediately put down. From then on, you have a limited amount of time to revive him with the help of another team member, otherwise, he will be killed for good. A revived soldier will be able to recover all his unspent APs and will be healed, however, his total amount of HP will be drastically reduced.


The situation is a little different when it comes to heroes. Heroes will be able to revive themselves once per battle with the “Second Breath” skill, with of course the same consequences for their total amount of HP. However, if a hero dies, you must start the mission again from the last supply point.



Death and Recruitment

While heroes like Diaz or Sid may not actually die, the same cannot be said for the bulk of your troops. It is therefore quite possible to lose several men in a heavy battle, which could later greatly impact your ability to accomplish Side Missions.


To compensate for this, you’ll have the opportunity to recruit new Gears very early on. They will obviously not have a very high level, but they will still have several skills to unlock as well as relatively good equipment.


Note that you can only recruit a limited number of soldiers, as the capacity of your barracks is not infinite. However, the capacity of your barracks will increase as you progress through the game.


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