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Bunker Locations

If a command bunker doesn’t have a safe house, then it doesn’t have a warboard.


  • Sorken Command Bunker: -444, -1385;


  • Mården Command Bunker: 2037, -1230;


  • Vesslan command Bunker: 1572, 3848 (There is a mission to get to this location);


  • Uttern Command Bunker: -2865, 463;


  • Hermelinen Command Bunker: 94, -3470;


  • “Real” Skvaden Command Bunker: -1520, -3302;


  • Muskudden Port Complex: -4575, -15;


  • Airbase bunker is at the West end (mission Flying Blind to restore power, tip do not open the weapon storage safe in the Förråd before getting all the notes inside the Förråd)


  • Bredskapförråd 115: -125, -563;


  • Bredskapförråd 119: 1400, -600;


  • Bergrum “Björnen”: 2017, -1754;


  • Bergrum “Myskoxen”: -1490, -3775;


  • Fort Torsberga: around -4700, 4400 (mission Spiking The Guns).



Blueprint Locations

  • Tick (Prototype) -904.3, -2543.9


  • Tick (Army) -3697.1, 2342.8


  • Tick (FNIX) 1452.9, -589.1


  • Seeker (Prototype) 1303.4, 3104.0


  • Seeker (Army) -3954.9, -615.3


  • Seeker (FNIX) 2412.3, -928.2


  • Runner (Prototype) 3183.4, 3042.3


  • Runner (Army) -84.8, -566.2


  • Runner (FNIX) -2665.8, -683.9


  • Hunter (Prototype) -780.6, -913.5


  • Hunter (Army) -3724.0, 3649.2


  • Hunter (FNIX) 2842.5, -2212.0


  • Tank (Prototype) -2364.8, 2161.5


  • Tank (Army) -4189.1, 894.7


  • Tank (FNIX) 1796.7, -3302.4


  • Harvester (Prototype) -2524.1, 994.7


  • Harvester (Army) 1603.9, -2848.8


  • Harvester (FNIX) -503.7, -3685.0




  • Unpainted Garden Gnome This gnome is in desperate need of a paint job. On the plus side, his life is still a blank slate. 4118.7, 2206.8 (Yttervik (In front of the House))


  • Classic Garden Gnome The classic colors of the garden gnome. Quite the globe-trotter, he likes to take pictures of major tourist attractions. -1615.9, 3741.4


  • Dark Side Gnome This gnome has let the hate flow through him. He tends to use his unhappy childhood and doomed love affairs as an excuse for his questionable life choices. 709.7, 2241.5


  • Devil Gnome His creator was very tenacious about becoming a rock legend. -1485.4, 69.3


  • Evil Gnome He’s the ordinary evil: you wouldn’t pay too much attention to him in your garden, but best lock your door at night… -4195.4, 3358.8


  • Radiation Gnome The unfortunate victim of an accident involving radiation experiments. Don’t anger him. -5357.3, 4119.1


  • Green Plumber Gnome Plumber by trade. He’s more on the timid, nervous side and leaves the spotlight to his older brother. 597.8, -505.7


  • Italian Plumber Gnome Officially a plumber by profession, he’s more prone to taking on new hobbies or sports – and excelling at whatever he does. -3796.6, 2498.1


  • Light Side Gnome He seeks to bring balance to the gnomes, but unfortunately, he’s the last of his kind. -4627.7, 1628.6


  • Father Gnome A wise and father-like village elder. He’s much, much older than any of the other gnomes, but gets irritated when you point it out. 1447.8, -23.2


  • Gnome Princess She has the most fabulous of beards. 963.0, -78.8


  • Purple Gnome The Gnome Formerly Known as Dwarf. Enjoys nothing like a rainy afternoon. 1926.2, -2412.2


  • Rainbow Gnome A gnome that loves peace and harmony. You won’t find him above a chimney top, though. -4773.4, -425.1


  • Red Gnome His first owners had overestimated how much Falu red paint they’d need to painting their countryside cottage. One night, they decided to paint the town red, then the gnome. -3198.8, -1462.6


  • Bronze Gnome An alloy gnome made primarily from copper, tin and disappointment. He had his moment of glory for a while, but gradually disappeared when iron gnomes became more common. 857.3, -4295.6


  • Silver Gnome Warning: hazardous to werewolves. -1015.5, -4343.0


  • Swedish Gnome An old and free gnome, he enjoys cinnamon buns and long walks in the serene Swedish countryside. Surprisingly not a fan of fermented herring. -2420.0, -1509.0


  • Jultomten No one knows his real name or where he lives. The only thing that is established is that he runs an insanely effective package delivery system. -2906.7, -3708.4


  • Yellow Gnome This ancient sea captain likes to tell young gnomes about his life sailing to sea. 1889.3, -4130.7


  • Hippie Gnome Still sporting the bushy beard of the early 1970s, this youthful gnome has yet to adopt a more modern hairstyle, such as the mullet. 1630.9, -3098.8


  • Last-Gen Gnome It looks so realistic! 2294.6, -3911.2




  • Chaos Rug Chaos Rug is a melodic metal jazz band. They have it all – a thought-provoking name, saturated guitars, the improvised saxophone solos, the “don’t do it at home” singing, the long red hair and beard, and just a pinch of cheesiness. 2613.1, 2622.0


  • Jane + James’ Dino-Mite Wedding Mix A mixtape of love songs and dance hits, played at Jane and James’ wedding reception. 1792.4, 3349.0


  • Towes Träningspass “Towe’s Workout” is written on the label. -264.8, 2042.0


  • Top Fun This is the ultimate compilation of the best pop and rock hits. -686.7, 2011.2


  • Apostolic Band A new metal duo from Romania that just embarked on their first World Tour, starting with 3 dates in Sweden. 3550.3, 2340.6


  • Language tape A government-approved home-learning cassette, teaching new arrivals the finer points of the Swedish language. -3004.7, 3094.1


  • Unrequited love The label says “Will you go out with me?” Probably a tape that a teenager made for their teenage crush. -5622.5, 4362.9


  • Horse Party A very popular Swedish “schlager” band, they play the kind of music you won’t admit liking, but will secretly tap your foot to in a village fest together with your old uncle. -574.4, 315.4


  • Play me The label says: “Play me on the 10th of July.” -38.6, -805.3


  • Carl Vråla Carl Vråla is a very famous Swedish pop singer-songwriter. He’s sold millions of records and has fans* all over Sweden, which is a feat in a country with a population of less than 10 million. 65.8, -2166.6


  • Chouchou The label is written in French and German: “Greg + Yvi – Wedding party!” 958.2, -65.3


  • Call of the Wild The kind of mixtape you should play really loudly in your car for an awesome Monday morning commute to work. German hard rock, British glam rock, Scandinavian metal and some 70s American prog rock for good measure. 2917.8, -1493.0


  • Till Lillbrallan Till Lillbrallan -5329.4, 666.0


  • Monika Byström’s mixtape The label says: “Monika and Tomas – Our own favorite spot / 1985”. -4394.1, -573.1


  • Veronika Nilsson’s birthday mixtape The label says: “Happy birthday, Veronika! Love, Olle”. The mixtape is apparently one of the only things she kept after she and Olle broke up. -2326.7, -2008.3


  • Fredrik Holberg’s mixtape The label reads: “Fredrik Holberg’s hiking mix”. -851.2, -4492.2


  • Svante Von Ulmer’s mixtape The label reads “Ingrid’s new music mix for Svante – AT LAST!” -268.5, -4245.9


  • Emil Sandberg’s radio hits The label reads: “Swedish Charts 1989 / Emil’s Radio Hits” 598.7, -3711.1


  • Anita Sjögren’s mixtape The label reads: “Guilty Pleasure Songs (play ONLY in case of emergency) 2494.2, -3865.3


  • Ingrid Granqvist’s mixtape The label reads: “Ingrid and Bert / Silver wedding” 1551.0, -3111.1


  • Galne Max – Ljudbok / Inläsare: R Rodriguez The label says “Crazy Max – Audiobook / Read by: R Rodriguez” 2181.5, -3295.1


  • Pets playtime! The label says it all. 570.7, 791.5




Dala horses (also known as Dalecarlian horses) were originally carved in houses in the Swedish province of Dalecarlia. This traditional style has become the most widespread in modern times, and has even come to symbolize Sweden in general.


  • Classic Dala Horse A bright red Dala horse 3314.2, 2401.8


  • Black Dala Horse A black Dala horse. 140.0, 2775.8


  • Blue Dala Horse A blue Dala horse. -836.2, 2028.2


  • Green Dala Horse A green Dala horse. -3306.8, 3842.3


  • Orange Dala Horse An orange Dala horse. -810.2, 263.0


  • Pink Dala Horse A pink Dala horse. -258.7, 1510.0


  • Purple Dala Horse A purple Dala horse. 608.6, 115.9


  • Red Dala Horse A red Dala horse. 2365.7, -1989.5


  • Dead Dala Horse A dead Dala horse. -4239.1, -822.0


  • Sverige Dala Horse A Dala horse proudly sporting the national colors of Sweden. -2921.9, -2048.8


  • Tan Dala Horse A tan Dala horse. -938.1, -4466.0


  • Emblem Dala Horse A Dala horse reminiscent of the national emblem of Sweden. -1852.1, -4325.5


  • White Dala Horse A white Dala horse. 2533.9, -3337.1


  • Yellow Dala Horse A yellow Dala horse. 1581.6, -4195.8



Extra Inventory Space

-Making a new character:


-Get to the game’s main menu.


-Choose “Select Character”, the second option from the top.


-Choose “Create New”.


-Go through the character creation process like you did the first time.


-Now you have a new character.




-Repeat as needed.



Transferring items:

-Start with the character that has the item you want to store.


-Go to a quiet safe house.


-Drop the item you want to store.


-Exit to the main menu.


-Select the character you want to use for storage.


-Fast travel to the safe house where you dropped the item.


-Pick it up.


-That’s it.


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