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Ghost Of Tsushima – Secret Achievements & Trophies Guide

Secret Achievements & Trophies

There are 24 secret achievements & trophies:



Mono No Aware (Gold): Leave the past behind and accept the burden of your new mantle.


Cooper Clan Cosplayer (Silver): Dress up as a legendary thief.


Have a Nice Fall (Silver): Kill an enemy with fall damage by knocking them off a ledge.


The Headstrong Thief (Silver): Complete all of Yuna’s Tales.


The Unbending Archer (Silver): Complete all of Ishikawa’s Tales.


The Vengeful Warrior (Silver): Complete all of Masako’s Tales.


The Warrior Monk (Silver): Complete all of Norio’s Tales.


Birthright (Bronze): Recover your father’s armor.


Company of Wolves (Bronze): Recruit the Straw Hat ronin.


Den of Thieves (Bronze): Discover Umugi Cove.


Dirge of the Fallen Forge (Bronze): Play the “Lament of the Storm” at a friend’s grave.


Dying Embers (Bronze): Eradicate the traitors in the name of a fallen friend.


Family Reunion (Bronze): Free Lord Shimura from the Khan’s clutches.


Gathering Storm (Bronze): Recover the katana of clan Sakai.


Honor the Unseen (Bronze): Bow to 10 hidden altars across Tsushima.


Leader of the People (Bronze): Rally the peasants of Yarikawa.


Lost and Found (Bronze): Discover a Pillar of Honor and collect its Sword Kit.


Monochrome Masters (Bronze): Purchase an item from the Black and White Dye Merchants.


Point of No Return (Bronze): Break your code to help a new friend.


Sovereign End (Bronze): Confront the Khan.


Stoking the Flame (Bronze): Rescue Taka from Mongol captivity.


The Exiled Alliance (Bronze): Reunite with your allies in the frozen north.


The Ghost (Bronze): Embrace your new identity.


Witness Protection (Bronze): Shoot a Terrified enemy with an arrow while they are fleeing.


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