Ghost Recon Breakpoint – PS4 Trophies


PS4 Trophies

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:


Taming the Devil (Platinum): Earn all trophies.

Absolute Mastery (Gold): Reach Rank 10 with any class.

David’s Challenge (Silver): Kill a Behemoth.

Executive perks (Silver): Unlock 10 Perks in the Skills menu.

Hunter becomes the Hunted (Silver): Kill 50 Wolves.

Master Craftsman (Silver): Find 40 Blueprints and then buy 5 Weapons on Demand at Maria’s.

Sting like a bee (Silver): Kill a Breacher, a Rocket Gunner and a Sniper with CQC while in stealth.

Swiss Army Killer (Silver): Kill an enemy in Ghost War as the Panther, Assault, Field Medic and Sharpshooter.

This one is mine (Silver): Upgrade a weapon to Mark 3.

A brutal stop (Bronze): Kill a convoy’s driver with a sync shot drone.

A hero of our time (Bronze): Reach Level 30.

A Man of the World (Bronze): Discover 20 different Provinces.

Attachments Master (Bronze): Find 30 Attachments and then equip one in the gunsmith.

Bang bang (Bronze): Get 3 headshots with a handgun in 5 seconds.

Bird watching (Bronze): Kill an helicopter’s pilot with any weapon.

Born in the purple (Bronze): Wear all High-end equipment.

Death from above (Bronze): Kill an enemy 5 seconds after landing from a base jump.

Drone farmer (Bronze): Destroy 50 enemy drones.

Elite Guerrilla (Bronze): Finish 5 Elite Faction Missions.

Entry-level combat (Bronze): Win 1 match in Ghost War (Standard).

Expert Herbalist (Bronze): Pick up 20 different natural resources.

Expert Marksman (Bronze): Kill 2 enemies more than 200m away with headshots in 3 seconds.

Four Honor (Bronze): Unlock 4 Classes.

Get it off me! (Bronze): Shoot a wasp while it is still on it’s carrier’s back.

Heart of Darkness (Bronze): Find all 8 mysterious carillons.

In the belly of the beast (Bronze): Enter the Raid.

It’s free real estate (Bronze): Discover 50 different Bivouacs.

Jack of all Guns (Bronze): Kill an enemy with every firearm type.

Lord of War (Bronze): Equip a legendary weapon.

Prolific gunsmith (Bronze): Upgrade 20 weapon intermarks in total.

Simple Geometry (Bronze): Kill 2 enemies with a single rocket.

Snapping turtle (Bronze): Kill an enemy with CQC from prone camo.

Squad Goals (Bronze): Finish 3 missions in Coop.

Synchronized and deadly (Bronze): Kill an enemy shortly after another player in Coop has killed one.

Tell your story (Bronze): Complete the optional dialog in Erewhon about your past.

The night is dark (Bronze): Kill 12 enemies without getting detected.

The woe of wit (Bronze): Find 20 clues in the world.

Two-faced (Bronze): Unlock 2 Classes.

War never ends (Bronze): Finish 8 Faction Missions in a single day.

What a maniac (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies by running them over.

Wildland Millionaire (Bronze): Spend 100.000 Skell Credits.

You Monster (Bronze): Destroy a Farmer drone.


Additionally, there are nine secret trophies:


Breakpoint (Gold): Reach the end of Act 4.

End of Act 3 (Silver): Reach the end of Act 3.

Here’s your World 2.0 (Silver): Kill Walker.

A safe haven (Bronze): Reach the end of Act 1.

Change hurts (Bronze): Finish POINT OF NO RETURN.

Cry Wolves (Bronze): Finish SPEAK NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL.

End of Act 2 (Bronze): Reach the end of Act 2.

Totsiens! (Bronze): Finish A GREAT ESCAPE.

You can’t stop us, Nomad! (Bronze): Finish FRIENDLY FIRE.



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