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Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure Cheats

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Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 48 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.


Mild OCDetective

Gotta read’ em all!


Lazy lurker

Skippin’ screens


Compulsive combiner

Use items on hotspots 100 times


Exhaustive examiner

Examined 100 hotspots


Grimoire grabber

Your trembling hands grab the Necronomicon!


Make it soda

I wonder if this fridge is empty…


Cat collaborator

Kitteh, help?


Buddy-buddy Buzz

Make a couple of friends in Darkham


Observant Occultist

Read and remembered the correct Voodoo sequence


Acute Adventuritis

Rubbin’ things together


Worth the weight

Do I look heavier?


Match boxing

Punched it. Nothing happened.


Hook, line, and stinker

Arrived in Fishmouth


Shanty shenanigans

Harbors make me want to sing out loud


Fishmouth Sailor failure

Kitteh, for your listening pleasure!


Don’t doubt the trout

Mr.Scruff has some Fish for you


Life fizz surprising

Give Milton soda before he suggests it


Brew out of it

Changed a life for the better


Bizarre breadcrumbs

Found Olmstein’s Sign


Cast in the past

Use Haunter’s Mark for the first time


Just In Casefile

Read 10 case files


City of lightning

Arrive in Paris


Dread ringer

Call Serge 15 times


Clairvoyant conjurer

Got the pentagram sequence right the first time around


Hook could tell

Here, of all places!


Vlad you could make it

Arrive in Transylvania


Conscientious critic

Have the Art Critic examine 5 items


Courage under firewater

You can drink it. Twice!


Hatching a headache

Kitteh attacked the hatch one too many times


Lofty littering

I didn’t really need these.


Lore lover

Can you tell me about the mural again?


Garlc Nation dedication

I had to stick around and hear what happens!


A view for a few

I can see my house from here!


Fork buddy

Used the bent fork to open the chest


Thin skin win

Beat Vlad on your first try


Flawless feline

Solved the planet puzzle on your first try


Smooth sleuth

Goin’ on a date


Cultist charisma

Goin’ on a weird date



Why, yes, I do smell like dead fish!


Party off the scales

Arrived at the Festival


Amateur Saboteur

Trip up the Doomsayer on your first try


Pebble rouser

Hit all the cultists with pebbles


More to the Point

Arrived at Point Nemo


Addicted to morphin’

Transformed Kitteh 30 times


Blasphemous bequest

Buzz. Don. Barnabas. Peace.



Examined everything in Olmstein’s lair



Time to rock’n roll!


Where credit is due

Thank you all. We love you.


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