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Gigantic Cheats

24 July 2017, Monday, 15:53:15


1-) Free Skins

Arc Client Exclusive Skin

1. Search and run Arc client on Windows start page (Don’t launch the game on Steam).

2. Launch the game and play 1 match.

3. Head to Shop > Heroes > Tripp > Skin

4.You’ll find Arc Lightning Skin in there for only 1 Crown.

Note* You won’t get this skin if you launch the game on Steam.





2-) Arc Quests (Free Gems)

You can buy skins with Gem for free by doing this Arc Quest daily (Arc client required).

1. Launch the Arc client on Windows start page.

2. Login with your Arc account and then click on an icon on bottom right of the window.




3. Download and run the games shown on your Arc Quests screen.




You will need to do this until you get 5,000 Arc Points (Around 2-3 month by doing this daily) 5,000 Arc Point = 500 Gems




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