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Gladiator Guild Manager Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Where to Start

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Gamers who like to play those fantastic role-playing and strategic games will surely enjoy this Gladiator Guild Manager game. It is a battle simulator, and you are leading a guild on your own. In this game, you need to make and manage your guild, hire the gladiators, train them, take care of resources and aim for the top arena rank.


That being aside, you might be looking for a guide to help you out in this fantastic simulator. For this reason, we managed to gather some tips and tricks of the game along with some informative points. So, without any further delay, let us hop into the Gladiator Guild Manager Guide.




Guild Building:

  • The first thing you need to do in the game itself is build your guild. There are various ways to go with your guild, so it’s better to choose a direction. Furthermore, there are needs for every guild; you need to make an army of mages, beasts, and warriors by simply hiring them.


  • Each personality has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so your hiring depends on it. Hiring is not the only thing you need to do; you also need to train them accordingly.



Combining and Crafting:

  • Gladiator Guild Manager depends on the different item’s combination, as well as their crafts. The different items you have for crafting will help you out in your journey for making a strong guild, helping you boost the fighter strength.



Best Combination for Battle:

  • Before you are ready to take on a fight, you need to create a team of fighters. Before you start to go for the fight, you are permitted to select various soldier teams, and the best combination can win you the battle.


  • Lineups are also the most effective way to win the battle. You need to get a lineup that will counter the opposition. Finally, it’s all on the skills of your gladiator that vary from the others. If you are known to the strength and weaknesses of gladiators, you can effortlessly win the battle.




  • There is a whole marketplace in Gladiator Guild manager where you have products and gladiators every day. This marketplace is known as Dynamic Marketplace, and you can check it out every day in the hopes of getting something exceptional. There are certain items in the marketplace through which you can make a combination, so you need to keep an eye for those combinational items as well.




  • If you aim to perform better in the game, then you need to find different challenges. Simply by performing your best to complete the challenges, you can boost your performance. You can take part in various places where you will be presented with different items that are not found anywhere else.


  • Furthermore, there is a time limit in the game that can allow you to challenge yourself even more. There is a mode by the name of permadeath that means you can’t respawn your gladiator after dying.



Grinding Guide:

  • In Gladiator Guild Manager, you have to fight exceptionally strong enemies, and for that reason, you have to make your stats accordingly. You can stack the resources to get gold by simply doing arena fights. This will, in return, allow you to purchase better items for your gladiator.


  • Your gladiator can only equip around six items. You can place all the shields on your gladiator to get maximum health, but you need to achieve a certain level. But, the problem is to get them around, you need to get the best items from the marketplace, which is random.


  • If you are willing to pay your gold in the market to reset it, you can reset it; then there are high chances you can get the items you require. Lastly, you can grind in the arena, again and again, to enhance your gladiator by increasing the loot and exp.



Attribute Guide:

The core of gladiator is the attributes, and with each level, you can increase up to five times. The best thing is that the consumables and items are also one way to increase the same attributes. Below you will have some attributes.




There is a limit to the amount of suffering your gladiator can have; it can even die after that. Each of the attributes will increase up to around sixty health points.




There is a cost of stamina in the game itself, which can be seen after an attack. After the stamina is depleted, your character needs to rest or stand for regeneration. Each skill you own requires stamina, but you can increase it after your skill is raised. Each of the attributes adds around 30 stamina points.




Movement is; how quickly your character is moving or zooming in on the battlefield. The standing character doesn’t need it, while the character for hunt needs it the most. With each attribute, you have 2 points of movement added.


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Intelligence, Agility, and Strength:

These are the things that are completely useless on their own, but they are the standing point of your gladiator. Each of the attributes adds around 2 points of strength, intelligence, and agility.



Capped Effect:

  • There is a limit, and after it is filled, you won’t feel an increase. With each increase in the point of intelligence, there will be around 0.05 seconds reduction. There is a minimum of around a .5 second cooldown, so you won’t find an increase if you have more than twenty intelligence.


  • The capped effect has increasing return; for example, when you have a 1-second cooldown, you will have fifty percent more attacks in the time. If you increase it to around ten percent, there will be cooldown around .5 second, that doubles the time or attack.



Uncapped Effect:

Each of the points in the strength raises the damage. There are 10 points added, so when you have 1000 strength, there will be around 10000 increases in damage. There is a diminishing effect or return in the uncapped effect. For example, you have double damage if you have a hundred damage and add around ten strengths. If you add more than ten strengths, your damage will only increase by around fifty percent.



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