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GOD EATER 3 – Aragami Materials

10 February 2019, Sunday, 8:18:47

Aragami Materials

-Acala From Nuadha

-Alycone From Glacial Ra

-Aker From Svartr Balmung

-Angel From Zygote

-Arachne From Blast Spider

-Argyro From Blast Spider

-Avian From Chi-You

-Bahamut From Caligula

-Barghest From Anubis

-Beetle From Dreadpike

-Bushi From Havakiri

-Chimera From Vajra

-Corvid From Nemain

-Draconic From Gboro-Gboro

-Gaoh From Barbarius

-Goddess From Sariel

-Gore From Barbarius

-Gorgon From False Idol

-Hydra From Chrome Gawain

-Idol From Fallen False Idol

-King From Quadriga

-Knight From Borg Camlann

-Kubera From Namhaid Nuadha

-Lugh From Fallen Barbarius

-Maera From Anubis

-Mars From Marduk

-Mot From Balmung

-Muninn From Fallen Nemain

-Ogre From Ogretail

-Oreb From Nemain

-Pardosa From Blast Spider

-Pixie From Cocoon Maiden

-Ronin From Havakiri

-Satori From Nuadha

-Serpent From Hannibal

-Shrine From False Idol

-Simian From Kongou

-Sol From Ra

-Surtr From Axe raider

-Vulpine From Kyuubi

-Yama From Balmung



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Not a complete list. Bennu and Ako materials for example aren’t mentioned


surtr materials don’t come from Axe Raiders, they come from FALLEN Axe Raiders
what you get from normal Axe Raiders are Troll materials, which you guys skipped