God of War PS4 Cheats

PS4 Cheats

Infinite XP Cheat

Here’s how to get a lot of Experience Points (XP) with an easily repeatable glitch using Labors.

Note: This glitch works up to at least God of War Patch 1.12.

Follow these simple steps;



• Step 1: Find a Labor you are about to complete.

• Step 2: Complete the Labor mid-combat for the XP bonus.

• Step 3: Pause, unpause.

• Step 4: Die to reset to last checkpoint.

• Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4 over and over!


Note2: If you’re worried about a future patch update, simply go into your PS4 Settings and uncheck connection to Wi-Fi, then you’ll get no surprise updates while playing God of War.



Secret Trophies

To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:


A New Friend (secret) – Survive the Witch’s Woods.

Beneath the Surface (secret) – Explore all the Lake of Nine has to offer.

Death Happened Here (secret) – Fully explore Veithurgard.

Dragon Slayer (secret) – Defeat the Dragon of the Mountain.

Feels Like Home (secret) – Allow the Light Elves to return home.

Hello, Old Friend (secret) – Retrieve the Blades of Chaos.

Last Wish (secret) – Spread the ashes.

Past Haunts (secret) – Ride the ship out of Helheim.

Promise Fulfilled (secret) – Heal Atreus.

Round 2 (secret) – Rescue Atreus.

The Journey Begins (secret) – Defend your home from The Stranger.

Troubling Consequences (secret) – Defeat Magni and Modi.

Twilight Beckons (secret) – Defeat Baldur.

Why Fight It? (secret) – Fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos.



Hidden Chamber Locations

In order to open the hidden chamber you must complete the quest “The Magic Chisel” that you receive about halfway through the game. Only then you can return to previously visited chambers and face challenges that await you inside.

In the hidden chambers you will always find a mystic gateway and almost always you will find a Valkyrie – a hidden boss – there. There are 8 Valkyries + the final boss available in the game. Their description can be found in a separate chapter of the game. In addition to that, in the chambers you can find additional secrets like Odin’s ravens and Hidden Shrines.



Hidden chamber in Wildwoods



When you can discover: During the quest “The Marked Trees”

Commentary: You will find the first chamber near the troll and the defeated enemies.


Hidden chamber in Foothills



When you can discover: During the quest “Path to the mountain”

Commentary: The second chamber is in the area where you can find Brok’s shop – near the Nornir’s chest. You must climb the rock, defeat the wraith and enter the cave.


Hidden chamber in Alfheim



When you can discover: During the mission “The Light of Alfheim”

Commentary: The chamber can be found on one of the islands, near the temple.


Hidden chamber in The Mountain



When you can discover: During the mission “Inside the Mountain”

Commentary: The chamber can be found in the room with the crane.


Hidden chamber in The River Pass



When you can discover: During the mission “A New Destination”

Commentary: You must detonate the red crystal near the Nornir’s chest.


Hidden chamber at Thamur’s Corpse



When you can discover: During the mission “The Magic Chisel”

Commentary: You will find it near the coast, on the left side.


Hidden chamber in Helheim



When you can discover: Once you return to Helheim with Atreus.

Commentary: You must detonate the red crystals to unlock the passage to the hidden chambers.


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