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Gold Rush: The Game – Frequently Asked Questions

19 October 2017, Thursday, 18:20:44


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is my shovel?

A: You already have this, press < and > to cycle through your items.


Q: MY vehicle/character is stuck, what do I do?

A: Open the map (M) and locate yourself, click on the icon you wish to get unstuck and then press “reset” These things will reset on your current claim.


Q: My gold bar vanished after i smelted it?

A: Don’t worry, just go to the bank and you will see it there!


Q: Can i roll up the hoses and cables?

A: YES! Take one end of either the cable/hose and hold right click.


Q: My truck bugged out and left the earth, what now?

A: Check your map, it’s bound to be there somewhere!!


Q: The game is lagging for me slightly, what should i do?

A: Go to advanced settings and lower your shadows, if that fails lower the settings as a whole.


Q: Can i connect hoses/cables together directly?

A: No, cables have extension boxes that you can buy, water hoses will get the same soon so you will need to use extra pumps.


Q: When i have gold is it better to sell ore or to smelt and sell the bar?

A: It is better to smelt the ore into a bar and sell, but watch the stock’s


Q: Why is my gold count not going up when i collect gold?

A: Chances are you are not allowing the mats in the slucies to collect enough gold. Let them fill up then clean them.


Q: I dont have a crosshair when panning for gold!

A: First make sure you are in gold picking mode (press shift) , if you still dont have a crosshair make sure you are on the correct resolution!


Q: When i launch the game i get in menu but can’t do anything else?

A: Press alt + enter (to go to windowed mode) , then change your settings (maily resolution) see if that helps!


Q: I hired workers but they have not arrived yet?

A: Workers only work when you are not on the claim, when you hire a worker be sure to assign them a role on some equipment.


Q: When should i take a loan out?

A: That is up to you really, you could take one at the start and jump right into buying the hog pan with the pump, this will produce gold much faster than what it would with doing it by hand.


Q: I bought the wave table, how the heck does this thing work?

A: You need a water source, a water pump, a power generator, a small yellow power cord and a green water hose. Connect them up to the table and turn on the valve for the water and the switch for the power both located on the wave table.


Q: How do i enter gold picking mode?

A: Press shift


Q: I can’t see my crosshair when panning.

A: Try buying a new pan, some people say this works. Try changing your screen resolution. – This is a bug and will be fixed



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