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Graceful Explosion Machine Achievements



Graceful-est Explosion Machine


Buckle up…
Complete Tutorial 1


…here we go!
All weapons active


Magentos Primed
Complete Magentos Prime


Complete Quartz Catacombia


Scarlet Ep So Long
Complete Scarlet Epsilon


Homeward Bound
Complete the game


Let’s do the time WARP+ again
Complete every WARP+ level


Most Improved
Replay a level and get an improved rank


A is for Amazing
First A Rank


S is for Superb
First S Rank


S+ is+ for S+upers+tar
First S+ Rank


Perfect Planet
S Rank an entire planet


Master of the Universe
S Rank all planets


Can’t Touch This
Finish a level without taking damage (excluding tutorial levels)


Perfect Phase
Complete a phase without dropping the combo multiplier


p good
Get a 16x combo


v good
Get a 32x combo


∞ good
Get a 48x combo


Bullet Buffet
Destroy 30 bullets using the Energy Sword in a single level


Snipe, Sniper, Snipest
Get 20 hits with a single Sniper Beam blast


Fire Ze Missiles
Fire 100+ Missiles in a level


Quad Cowboy
Perform a 4x (or greater) combo that uses every weapon


No Flipping Mode
Finish a level without flipping (excluding tutorial levels)


Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory
Die with less than 10% left on the Enemies Left meter

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