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Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) – Constructing New Railroads


Constructing New Railroads

When the game starts, several railroad lines are already built on the map. Depending on the pre-war policies you selected when starting the campaign, further rail lines may be ready when the game starts. There are also rail lines not yet built that can be constructed during the campaign.


Click Show Railroad Tracks (1) in the list panel (2) to see a list of all the railroad lines. Each line (3) shows a name, connected IIP ownership as small colored dots (green are owned, red ones are not), and a construction button in the case of unbuilt railroads.


Click any of the railroads (3) to show it on your map. Connected IIPs will be shown on the map (4) with color indicating ownership, and the selected railroad is flashing.


To construct unbuilt railroads, click the construction button next to the name. You will need to be in control of all the infrastructure points of the planned railroad line to build it. When the button is clicked, a prompt (5) will confirm whether to start the construction. Construction will take time, and the progress is shown in the construction symbol. Using Transportation Subsidies will speed up the building considerably. Constructing more than one railroad at a time will slow down the construction of all railroads.


Once built, all the connected IIPs will receive plus ten transport capacity, which makes the flow of goods and supplies considerably faster, increasing Government profits from sales taxes in the process. When raided, infrastructure points will have their transport capacity reduced; this affects rail lines too.


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