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Grand Theft Auto 3 Android Cheats

1 January 2019, Tuesday, 11:14:48


How to Use PC Cheat Codes

You can actually enter the classic PC Cheat codes provided you have a keyboard for your Android device. Youc an use the built-in keyboard on the phone if you hold MENU. The keyboard will pop up and you can enter these codes.




tortoise – 100% Armor

gesundheit – 100% Health

cornerslikemad – Better vehicle handling

ilikedressingup – Change Outfit

skincancerforme – Clear Weather

timeflieswhenyou – Clock Moves Faster

ilikescotland – Cloudy Weather

nastylimbscheat – Crank Up Gore

bangbangbang – Destroy all cars

chittycittybb – Flying vehicle

peasoup – Foggy Weather

gunsgunsguns – Get All Weapons (Keep using to add ammo)

morepoliceplease – Higher Wanted Level

itsallgoingmaaad – Insane Pedstrians

anicesetofwheels – Invisible Cars

nopoliceplease – Lower Wanted Level

ifiwerearichman – More Money (Keep using for more cash)

nobodylikesme – Pedestrians Attack

weaponsforall – Pedtrians Fight One Another

ilovescotland – Rainy Weather

giveusatank – Spawn Vehicles (Keep using for different vehicles)

boooooring – Speed up Gameplay

madweather – Super-speedy Game Clock


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