Graveyard Keeper – Understanding Corpse Symbols

Understanding Corpse Symbols

These symbols pictured on any corpse when placed on the autopsy table or in a grave represent the base rating of the grave itself, and these can be altered with appropriate care of the corpse. These symbols include:



White Skulls: This is the basic symbol for corpse quality. You want as many of these as possible. The reason is that the quality of the grave cannot exceed the number of white skulls. Even if you have a gravestone and grave fence that are top-notch, a corpse with nothing but a single white skull would only allow a grave to have a rating of +1.



Red Skulls: These can be thought of as “corrupted” white skulls. Each of these contributes a -1 rating to the corpse (and grave). These are taken into account before any white skulls, so a single red skull will always subtract from any bonuses, regardless of the number of white skulls and quality of grave dressings.



Green “sick” Faces: These appear over time as the corpse degrades and acts the same as red skulls. Once these appear, however, there is nothing that you can do about it.


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