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Graveyard Keeper – Useful Quest Tips

19 August 2018, Sunday, 12:12:35

Useful Quest Tips

Do try to do the quests early. A few of them unlock a few important aspects of the game. A few tips to keep in mind:



– Collect skulls and blood so you can build a shrine for Snake.


– When the Merchant will want you to package boxes for them, you do that in your garden. You will need a good amount of silver and gold quality crops to finish that quest.


– Prepare gold-quality beer and hamburgers for Inquisitor (so have some spare meat around and look for gold-quality hops and onions!)


– Ms. Charm will want a gold-quality story (not a note or a chapter, a story!)


– Episcop will want you to be a Rightful Citizen after you upgrade the church. Later he’ll want gold-quality marble statues (you use silver-quality for graves and bronze-quality for inside of the church, so nothing is wasted if you get a worse quality)


– Progressing with the Inquisitor will unlock Dark Brain, Heart and Intestine.


– Save one Dark Heart for Snake.


– Late-game, have a spare silver and gold quality book for Astrologer.



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