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Graviteam Tactics: Mius-Front – General FAQ

26 May 2019, Sunday, 13:47:17

General FAQ

How to select infantry only, without APC?

There are two ways: hold left [Shift] and box select it, or click [LMB] on the squad’s secondary icon. Only the 2nd sections of squads will be selected in this case.



How to select APC without infantry?

Hold left [Alt] and box select – only the 1st sections of squads (or vehicle) will be selected. The same can be done by holding left [Alt] or [Shift] and clicking on the quick select panel, to select the first or second section, respectively.



How to save a battle as mission?

On the operational map, click [RMB] on the stylized flame in the center of battle, set options (name, brief description, image) in the appearing table and press the save button.



Why some orders icons are colored blue and some modifiers red?

Not all combinations of modifiers are valid for every set of selected units. Modifiers (and orders) which will be not executed or will be executed improperly for the selected set of units are indicated in red (blue) color.



How to set a wedge formation for vehicles?

Select only vehicles, set the line formation in 2 or 3 lines.



How to make soldiers to move crawling?

Set the covert movement modifier and do not select the fast move modifier. The destination point must not be further than 200 meters from soldiers location.



How to call aviation in battle in operations?

In operations, in most cases aviation arrives according to the script, and is not called by spotters.



How to make observed fire with crews of machine guns and other heavy weapons?

Turn on the AI control mode for those who will be firing, and select target through the platoon commander. Make sure that the target is in the zone between the minimum and maximum range of fire!



I have no tactical diagrams above vehicles, what to do?

For tactical diagram to appear, it is necessary for vehicle to have a target or set it manually by hovering the cursor over target in the line of fire indication mode.



What the transfer of units under AI control affects?

Automatic laying of wire links, firing at external target designation (designated manually or automatically), automatically leaving trenches.



I installed a DLC, but I cannot find it, what to do, where to find it?

Most DLC constitute a pair of operations and a new battlefield. Battlefield can be selected in the quick battle editor. Operations appear in the CAMPAIGN section, in the list of operations in the corresponding section.



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