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Green Hell – Anthropologist Guide to the Indigenous people of Amazon

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Anthropologist Guide to the Indigenous people of Amazon

  • You can’t befriend any of the tribals yet, so feel free to go Collombus on them.


  • If a tribal sees you and runs away, you better chase after him, or he will return to your base in the group.


  • Use spear to fight off tribal; other weapons will risk you getting in their knife range.


  • Take the distance between melee tribal, their knife is short, but you’re more likely to die from bleeding because bandages are rare, and banana leaf bandage from the trailer isn’t implemented yet.


  • Don’t charge at tribal if they are also charging; charge is effective on archers since they can’t fight back at melee and when they swap their weapon, use this opportunity to shank them.


  • Flawed pathfinding AI allows you to cross a natural log bridge to lose your tail as enemies cannot use the bridge.


  • If you are attacked by a tribal in the group of two and survive, you better move your base as the next one will be in a group of three.


  • If you are hungry, butchering humans provides meat and bones that can be stewed; eating it raw or roasting it will cause a penalty.


  • You can safely kill tribals from a distance using bow and arrows, which are easy to craft, but you cannot do it with low stamina since drawing a bow without skill will take at least half of your stamina.


  • Obsidian Spear has the greatest damage and can kill tribals in four or fewer hits.


  • Blocking while backing off is the best defense from a melee attack.


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