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Green Hell – Survival 101: How to not Die

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Survival 101: How to not Die

  • Build a Hut as soon as you can so you can safe your game


  • Don’t drink unsafe water (even if you’re dying of thirst); it’s way harder to cure dysentery than dehydration.


  • Leave out coconut halves in the open, so when it rain, it will collect the rainwater (the rainwater is safe and drinkable)


  • If something leads to your death, don’t do it again.


  • -Manage your sanity, keep it above by eating cooked meat and resting in the shelter


  • Make an axe as soon as you start the game.


  • You can harvest large rock by right-clicking it for more options.


  • Cut off plants (not banana or palm) and leave the leaves dry off into usable tinder.


  • DO NOT EVER Cannibalize on your fellow human, and don’t even think about making bone soup out of human bone.


  • Don’t throw away rotten food; there might be edible grubs that you can find by harvesting rotten food.


  • You’re not a cow, don’t eat leaves.


  • If it looks poisonous, it probably is (Congrats on having functional Instinct)


  • Watch out for your sanity; don’t starve tier and can spawn monsters that will kill you.


  • Don’t poke the wasp nest, don’t poke the ant nest either.


  • Remember the small valley shown in the developer survival guide? look for it because its the safest place in the entire game


  • Inspecting body while your inventory is open will highlight any disease, especially useful for finding a leech


  • Do not fight the jaguar; the meat is not very nutritious, and the game hasn’t provided the option to make armor out of its fur yet.


  • Normal frog = good, Neon frog = bad


  • If a tribal sees you and runs away, you better chase after him, or he will return to your base in the group


  • Use spear to fight off tribal; other weapons will risk you getting in their knife range.


  • Take the distance between melee tribal, their knife is short, but you’re more likely to die from bleeding because bandages are rare, and banana leaf bandage from the trailer isn’t implemented yet.


  • Don’t charge at tribal if they are also charging; charge is effective on archers since they can’t fight back at melee and when they swap their weapon, use this opportunity to shank them.


  • Flawed pathfinding AI allows you to cross a natural log bridge to lose your tail as enemies cannot use the bridge.


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